This is a page dedicated to Drexmapper's future of Europe.

Major events

2014- Syria splits in West Syria and East Syria. East Syria attacks Lebanon, and West Syria declares war on East Syria. In October, East Syria surrenders.

Republika Srpska and Herzegovina declare independence.

2015- Vojvodina declares independence with Scotland. Ireland recovers Northern Ireland. Armenia declares war on Azerbaijan, but Garabagh declares independence, weakening Azerbaijan, which signs an armistice. Israel crushes Palestine.

2016- Catalonia and Basque country are free. Galicia joins Portugal. Sicily and Sardinia became independent after huge revolts. Italy annexes the Vatican and San Marino. France, following the Italian example annexes Monaco. Revolts in Alsace, which declares independence.

2017- France declares war on Alsace, but Germany intervenes. Alsace is defeated in 2 weeks and France invades Germany. But Germany decides to attack through the Ardennes, surrounding the French army, which is crushed. France surrenders and Germany receives Alsace and Lorraine.

Flag maps (in order)


gory:Mapping series]]

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