Please note that the episodes and nations are still needing evidences and its real name, if you've seen MapAnimator's future of Europe, please contribute this!

Future of Europe is made by MapAnimator now inherited by EthanConquistador because of taking down. It was originally made around July 2012 and now became a reboot in June 2014, almost at the second birthday of MapAnimator's Future of Europe.


During July 2012, MapAnimator started mapping, ended around Part 9 where Sacrania took over the International Safe Union?. In 2013, he took down the video and won't continue, at June 2014, Ethan suggested to continue in a different plot, he asked MapAnimator's permission and started the reboot.


Links are broken to Season I and II because of deleting the videos so we won't post them. The reboot title should be Future of Europe (MapAnimator) - Episode X - (X)

Season I

  • History likes to repeats itself
  • Russia falls apart and mongols come (Episode 2)
  • An episode where Tybers rules the world (Episode 10)

Season II

  • Nuclear mutants (Episode 4?)
  • Russia and Abbasids nuked each other (Episode 5?)
  • Talin invades the Abbasids (Episode 9, Part 1)
  • Sacrania took over International Safety Union (Episode 9, part 2)

Season III (reboot)

  • Independences and Fall of the Abbasids?


0 DMA (During MapAnimator) - MapAnimator, the original creator left his Europe in a quiet year, likely about 500 years of peace treaty called Treaty of Mecca.

250 DMA - Most of the countries are reverted back to Episode 7? of Europe.

500 DMA - Treaty of Mecca is expired.

0 AMA - Germany unites Switzerland.



  • Tybers
  • Abbasids
  • Brabrantium
  • Talin
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • Francia (now France)
  • Mamporia
  • Portugal
  • Canaries Island
  • Sardinia
  • Sacrania
  • Berry
  • Brittany?
  • Germany
  • Sybir
  • Russia
  • Baramuth
  • Spain

Any nations that you know in MapAnimator's series exclude the reboot can be put here.


  • Hersephelli
  • Gdansk
  • Lithuania
  • Masorpia
  • Permia
  • Basque
  • Venice
  • Naples
  • Miracium

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