Possible future of Mappers. Add yourself.

Please be serious.

Near Future (2015-2017)


  • 2015: The Mapper population is estimated to reach around 250-350 Mappers by this year.
  • 2015: Olimario makes a gaming channel.
  • Mid 2015: Goldenrebel25 leaves.
  • SunnyKhan688 makes the first foe ball movie.
  • 2015: MappingPez gets more subs than MrAmericanMapper
  • 2015: Percy graduates and joins the army. After finishing his services, he becomes more active in mapping community and becomes nominee for admin.
  • 2015: the end of Emartis ✖ Arotanika ✖ It's excellent stops mapping
  • 2015: Coup D'Etat against 99batran succeeds leading to a power vacuum and a Mapper Civil War.
  • 2015: Batikan joins ISIS.
  • August 2015: Mapper Freaker's interest toward this page is 0%. JABRIL RETURNS!
  • 2015: JMathias learns Spanish and German. Then SunnyKhan688 thinks about the next 90 years.


  • Circa 2016: RichardLamborghini plans on mapping soon.
  • January 2016: Trio ends his alt spamming. His ban by this time has been extended to 20 years.
  • March 2016: Batikan was killed after ISIS was defeated in Mosul.
  • April 2016: Trio begins to persue a life of hacking.
  • Spring 2016: TheJarjar99 retires from mapping.
  • Spring 2016: MrOwnerandPwner will probably move back to Canada.
  • October 2016: British Mapping/Gaming becomes Popular
  • December 2016: Sunburn makes a protest.
  • December 2016: MappingPez cuts short on mapping due to schoolwork. He leaves the wiki and promises he will return in 2019, but still be active around Summer.
  • JMathias travels to NY and hunt all mappers in the city
  • 25th December: ARCY RETURNS AND THEN BANNED IN 2018!!!!


  • 2017: 99batran pursues the life of acting, creating animations, small short video games, music, etc.
  • Kavishan becomes fluent in French and Tamil
  • June 2017: Ethan finishes half of AHOE (around 3000 years have passed in this series?) and homework crap is focused than mapping
  • Late 2017: Olimario is fluent in Spanish, French, German, and Japanese
  • 2017: El Paso becomes more population than Detroit!!!

Later 2010s

  • 2019: Olimario's gaming channel is the most subscribed on vidland (Future video uploading site after the Youtube collapse of 2016)
  • 12th March 2019, 8:30AM (UTC+0): Trio becomes obese after eating in a fast food shop.
  • June 20th, 2019: MappingPez returns for good, but forgot how to map.
  • October 2019: Ethan returns and plans to finish the rest of AHOE (4000-5000 years are passsed since AGI) by 2021.
  • 2019: João The Mordecai Mapper goes to Sciences University of Lisbon (biology).
  • 2018: RichardLamborghini graduates, and plans to study in the field of medicine, taking biology.


  • 2021: Ethan finishes AHOE (or possibly delayed) and leaving the mapping community (with maintenance on the wikia account and YouTube account if YouTube still exists through 2020s).
  • 2022: The Mapper Population is estimated to reach at least 3,000 Mappers.
  • 2022: Olimario is fluent in Korean, Hungarian, Greek, and Hebrew
  • 2022: MappingPez stops mapping, and interests flood to his other online career work.
  • 2022: RichardLamborghini graduates witha bachelors in Biology, and applies to a medical school. He is accepted into an average one.
  • 2023: Olimario's gaming channel is no longer most subscribed on Vidland (Darn it Pewdiepie)
  • 2023: JMathias graduates in Computation.
  • 2023: Polandball and Mapping Slovenia moves to Pittsburgh, USA.
  • 2024: João The Mordecai Mapper starts to think if Regular Show isn´t good
  • 2025: Trio creates a spambot and account spamming bots to attack various forums and sites.
  • 2025: Kavishan meets Trio in real life and beats him up
  • January 2025: MOaP beats Pewdiepie's subs (srsly?).
  • 2025: Sunny completes College.
  • Early 2025: 99batran plans to have a daughter named Irene.
  • Middle 2025: Chances of João Mordecai Mapper go to a scientific lab
  • 2025: Olimario is fluent in Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, and Kurdish
  • August 2025: Sunburn finds Trio and helps him. Sunny moves to Canada.
  • Late 2025: 99batran finishes college/university with a Professional Degree (7-8 years)
  • 2026: Trio attempts to hack search engines to show up any illegal websites such as Silk Road and all websites containing any inappropriate content. It took two weeks to get knowledge of hacking.
  • 2026: Olimario graduates from college.
  • 2026: Trio decides to become a cyber hacker due to his bots and hacking skills he learned from others. He successfully hacks Google, but then on a trip with his family to see the Google Headquarters in Summer 2026, he is caught.
  • 2026: RichardLamborghini finally finishes medical school, and now is into his residency.
  • 2027: Olimario plans to have a son named Simon.
  • 2027: TheGreenGuy graduates IT collage and stars development on his first indie game.
  • 2029: Ethan creates a micronation that is only around one square metre. (that is small XD)
  • 2029: Polandball and Mapping Slovenia moves to Burlington, USA.
  • 2028-2029: RichardLamborghini excepts to get married soon.
  • 2029: RichardLamborghini is finally done with his residency and becomes a family practioner.


  • 2030: 99batran plans to have a son named Tomas.
  • March 2030: The Voynich Manuscript's content and language is solved by Ethan.
  • 2031: João Mordecai Mapper starts to study Geology.
  • 2031: Olimario retires from from gaming.
  • 2031: British Mapping/Gaming reaches a million subscribers on Vidland.
  • 2031: JMathias becomes the dictator of Brazil.
  • 2032: The Mapper Population is estimated to each at least 11,000 Mappers.
  • 2032: The wiki gets serious (Like that will ever happened. LOL)
  • 2032: Polish space program is created, now of can into space.
  • 2033: Olimario retires from mapping.
  • June 2033: Trio's family are executed for treason.
  • 2034: TheJarjar99 pursues a political career and wins the Michigan gubernatorial race of 2034.
  • 2034: Chem, calFun27 becomes a world renowned scientist.
  • 2034: Olimario begins to pursue the life in politics.
  • 2034: Polandball and Mapping Slovenia moves to Yerevan, Armenia.
  • 2034: SunnyKhan688 quits mapping and becomes doctor.
  • 2034: X-Caliph become authoritarian dictator of Indonesia
  • 2034: JMathias invade Uruguay.
  • 2035: JMathias bomb Paraguay.
  • January 2036: Trio's ban ends, but he's in jail for cyberterrorism charges.
  • 2036: By this time, the first 100 Mappers retired from Mapping.
  • 2036: Pezminer12 gets married and starts a family.
  • 2037: Joao Mordecai Mapper starts to study Political Geography and Demography.
  • 2038: Miki goes into space.
  • 2038: Pez's family begins to flourish with their first child.
  • 2039: Kavishan is rich and moves to Norway. He is a mechanical engineer. He owns a island in the Mediterranean.


  • 2040: RevanMapper plans to have a son named Tobia. (Tobi :D)
  • 2040: Polandball and Mapping Slovenia moves back to Slovenia and is active in it's politics. He also plans to have a baby named Jani.
  • 2040: TheJarjar99 becomes V.P. on the US Democratic ticket.
  • 2041: Olimario is fluent in all major and semi-major languages.
  • 2042: The Mapper Population is estimated to reach at least 26,000 Mappers.
  • October 14, 2042: Trio breaks out of jail, and flees to North Korea.
  • 2045: João Mordecai Mapper starts to work in scientific experiments with a little group.
  • 2046: Polandball and Mapping Slovenia becomes president of Slovenia.
  • 2048: TheJarjar99 elected the 49th US President.
  • Late 2040s: 99batran pursues the life of Politics. It is possible that most mappers would join him by this time.
  • Late 2040s: Olimario plans to become president of Murica.
  • Has no idea wtf will happen (MrAmericanMapper).
  • SunnyKhan688 becomes a successful rich doctor and gets married and Plans to have a Son called: Wazier. But Sunny starts to get to his 70's.


  • 2050: JMathias abdicates and becomes a billionaire, opening a games company.
  • 2050: Polandball and Mapping Slovenia conquers Istria, Trieste and South Corinthia.
  • 2051: Pez plans to have an Internet company based off of his Internet career.
  • 2052: 99batran tapped for V.P. of TheJarjar99 in 2052 Election.
  • 2052: The Mapper population is estimated to reach at least 46,000 Mappers.
  • 2051 - 2059: João The Mordecai Mapper writes a book about demography things.
  • 2056: TheJarjar99 elected for his third term in office.
  • 2058: 50 years of Mapping.
  • 2059: Olimario is fluent in all languages.


  • 2060: British Mapping/Gaming becomes Prime minister of the UK
  • 2060: 99batran plans in his bucket list to be inaugurated as the 50th (and possibly the first Asian) President of the United States by this time.
  • 2062: Estimated to be 73,000 Mappers
  • 2064: João Mordecai Mapper and Drex Mapper becomes friends (again)
  • 2067: João and Drex plans to make a coup in Portugal and Spain with help of the communist parties.
  • 2068: Olimario elected 51st President of the US.
  • 2068: Ethan attacks Australia and a coup happens in Australia successfully taking over.
  • 2069: The coups are success, João is the 1st president of the Socialist Portugal and Drex is the first President of Socialist Spain. SunnKhan688 dies on July 9th 2069. Her wife and Wazier now move to Canada.


  • 2070: President Olimario assassinated.
  • 2072: Estimated to be over 100,000 Mappers. Wazier and Sunny's Wives die in a car accident
  • 2073: Disturbedfan installs his conscience into a computer and becomes an android due to the advances in robotics and Olimario quickly does the same.
  • Beginning 2074: João Mordecai Mapper says that Portugal needs to be bigger, so in 15th April 2074, Portugal annexes Cape Vert. Drex helps João
  • 2074: Aliens are discovered, Olimario started translating their language
  • May 2075: Trio becomes a zombie after experiments of the Ethanian Kingdom in Perth as it's size is 50x larger than Vatican City.
  • 2076: JMathias works as a scientist to learn how to create zombies.
  • 2077: Androids are, for some reason, not considered human anymore and most of their rights are taken away. There are more than 300 million androids with human conscience planted in them on Earth.
  • 2078: MervueMeringue dies, but most mappers believe he's immortal.
  • 2079: Goldenrebel25's ashes are dumped into Saturn, but his brain is kept and is hooked to a computer, so Golden lives on as a brain in a metal case.
  • 2079: Possibly, the world population starts to decease, causing a mass extinction, but all mappers survive and starts to begin a new world with his girlfriends and family.
  • 2079: Estimated death of TheJarjar99.


  • 2082: Estimated to be 140,000 Mappers
  • 2084: 99batran is estimated to die by the age 84 or 85. It is unknown where.
  • 2084: British Mapping/Gaming Honors 99batran in some way.
  • 2085: João Mordecai Mapper lefts the government of Portugal, but stills friends with Drex.
  • 2087: João Mordecai Mapper moves to Catalonia and is elected president of Catalonia, with a hand of Drex.
  • 2088: Estimated death of Polandball and Mapping Slovenia.


  • 2092: Estimated to reach over 200,000 Mappers.
  • 2094: QuebecanCanada cryofreezes himself in Novosibirsk in an cryonics facility, and will unfreeze in 2154.
  • 2099: João Mordecai Mapper saws the death of his wife and the fall of the new Portuguese empire. João stars to feel depressed.


  • 2106: João Mordecai Mapper can save his wife and moves to Baltimore with his family.
  • 2107: X-Caliph will be centenarian.
  • 2109: João Mordecai Mapper it's the only old-brony-mapper to have a show in Bronycon 2109.


  • 2132: João Mordecai Mapper puts himself and his family in cryosleep at Greenland.


  • 2154: QuebecanCanada unfreezes from cryosleep in Novosibirsk, he takes advanced medicine like Nanobots to live longer.
  • 2159: João Mordecai Mapper unfreezes from cryosleep in Greenland, he wakes up his family and starts his life from zero.


  • João Mordecai Mapper is now the most powerful Portuguese in the world, and the only brony-mapper to have the control of a country.
    • 2165: British Mapping/Gaming dies at age 170 and becomes Eternal President of the UK for staying in office for 100 years.
    • 2207: X-Caliph becomes bicentenarian.


  • 30th January,3017, RazvyDaGuy finally won an edition of Mappervision
  • 28th February 3017, RazvyDaGuy finally won an edition of Linguavision