This page is to give an idea for people about what will happen to Mappers in the future. Please write in alphabetical order.



MOaP will get more subscribers than Nick HD in 2017 (maybe). Also he will die of pure awesomeness and being in a bus crash last week.


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Multi Mappers

Multi slowly becomes more popular, becoming leader of the community in 2017 when all the older mappers quit, and becomes the first mapper to hit 10,000 subs.


Disturbed will either join the military in 2015 or he will be relieved from military duty due to his small mental problems. After this Disturbed will try to get into school once more and possibly move to central Finland closer to his friends. After finishing his studies Disturbed will most likely get a job that he hates and strugles with his mental problems as they get worse. Or he might start a new youtube channel which doesn't include mapping as Disturbed will slowly quit his mapping hobby. Disturbed will very likely remain single and never have kids of his own but will help his friends and their families if they ever need help.

Another possibility is that Disturbed is given a prescription for drugs that will help with his problems or in the worst case scenario, he will be ordered to go to a mental hospital. But this alternative is very unlikely.



First, I will try and get my As in few years and graduate, I will have heir that'll be powerful and smarter than me and has more power except that I cintrol him, I have a wife in 20s and giving birth to 20 children (15 male and 5 female) and having too much wives, hahahahahahahahaha, so I can create a dynasty. Plus I will force everyone to subscribe me to get rid of Pewdiepie's large position.

I will create a machine that will mess with time and putting spy gadgets on every time so that he'll record history and works on a stronger version of a soldier in the year 1990s, then travelling back into the future to destroy the entire universe of fabric space and time, and creating a universe that is under my godly control and live there forever and that's all.

I will enslave every mapper in the community if MOAP or Golden died and then combining its memory to harness the power of geography... And smash Philipp's computer to get rid of his 'Nyan' and programming and creating a fascist party in Australia and become Kingdom of Australia instead, harsh treatment and ruling is better than been a citizen.

If I got into politics, I will become the Australian leader and the Secretary-General of the United Nations then I burn UN HQ down and move it to Perth which is the capital I purpose if I won the elections. Then I purpose international treaty to cleanse every Minecraft infidels to uninstall or sent to the concertration camps.

I ban kebab from Australia and shutdown the Mojang Studio to become poor by my lawsuits that is spies of my empire. If UN is mine, I can annex the world and focus on space travel for once.

I force everyone who is Muslim to becomes atheist or be sent to concertration camps set up in Sahara, Mecca, Damascus, Istanbul and Tehran. Been evil and tyrant is my best goal, once space travel is invented, I can colonise everything else, including the sun, hahahahahahah. I go blitzkrieg on weapons once we find an alien species who has a large spacefaring empire and everyone surrenders under my terms and blowing the universe with my secret gadgets seen above the politics.

I force everyone to buy Paradox and strategy games (including aliens) to furfill the video game expansion to aliens. Humanoid or not, they have to learn English and Earth languages otherwise they die. I also create something similar to Hitler's thing, called Master race, it's called the Terran Race (must speak English, terran language [e.g. Russian], Homo sapiens, any hybrids don't count).

The kids shows, advertisements, magazines, entertainment and any form of non-educational signs will show obey and full facts to me as a blind of me showing the true form and looking like I am just a democrat or a capitalist but secretly a fascist. Everything will zap every spy (alien or human), government and all into benevolent people instead but secretly evil and loyal to me. (They Live based paragraph)

Not the crazy way

I would have plans to become some inventor or maybe a scientist, meh I don't know, but who knows, I maybe don't have a wife at all.


I plan to create game developments, mainly about history and evolution. I also plan to make game development concepts by research and sci-fi creatures with technology been fictionalised, no-one would ever know (really am going to aim the score of 100, 10/10 or 5/5), with bunch of employees (5000 to be exact, international), joining and created the bets detail as possible, it'll take 9 years to finish or maybe more, if I have a son, then he takes over and finds new employees, with all bugs killed, I can into accuracy and truth.

And feature should have accuracy on one pre-built encyclopedia in files, taking lots of detail similarily to civilization's civilopedia.

Zephyrus Mapping

Zephyrus would propably reach 1000 subs by the time he is 18. From then on, he will upload less because he would go to university to study Astrophysics (Cosmology to be exact), do his military service and then join Sern. He would propably not marry. After that, no idea!

Zukas Mapping

REALISM WARNING!!!!!! Zukas will probably surpass pewdiepie in subs and views making him the most subscriped mapper and youtuber he will slowly conquer the Earth and build a galactic absolute monarchy where he is the leader 


99batran would probably last for several more years, as he projected the current majority of the community would last to at least until 2018 to 2040 as most of the community would create colonies on other websites by then. He estimates his series would projected to finish on around 2020 to 2025. Which likely be the time for his retirement for the mapping community. It is unknown what ambition he wishes to pursue, but most likely. He, and hundreds of other mappers. Would try to do a funding campaign to create a small micronation called "Mapperdonia". It should reach from at least 3 Million Dollars to 25 Million Dollars.

Anywho, in his personal life. He planned to have a professional degree in college and to get married at age 26 to what believed to be Golden's distant Cousin, and planned to have 2 children. A girl named Irena and a boy named Tomas, but it could change depending on their order. He plans to retire into politics at around age 40 and work for his dream to become one of the leaders of the free world. He would probably get as far as a state governer. If that doesn't works out, he would join the army as a high ranking military officer.

Another alternate twist that he was conscripted into the army in 2020s and was sent into battle. If he survived he would become a well-decorated military officer. He would get married as stated up there and retire into politics.


Add it!


TKAFan will continue mapping until 2020, which then he will tour the Midwest to start revolutions, and become Kaiser of the newly formed Michiganian Empire of New Prussia, a power that will prosper for decades.


Add it!


Strong and can into space!


staR will slowly take over the world and enslave everyone.


MrAmericanMapper has an uncertain future. Hopefully he makes a lot of money and is a CEO. He hopes his channel will grow and with it, his experience. Also as his d*** grows the universe breaks apart. During this time it warps space-time and a new dimension is born.


Add it!


Diamond will slowly become more popular and will soon be a professional at Victoria 2 borders.

Hernández Mapping

Only time can tell!

Or other:

México will conquer the world, by ME!!!


Pezminer12 will continue to contribute to mapping. But due to his Pezet Community work with lots of YouTube work to manage, mapping will be but only a side job for him. Pez will graduate from college and marry at 30 years, hopefully. He will have two kids, one girl, one boy. His career will involve working on video games, making the levels for them.

Pez will maybe die around his 80's, because of the noted increased lifespan in humans.


Mapmaker024 will still do mapping, but at a slower pace. He will easily pass Middle School and High School and go to a fine college. He will receive a degree and possibly get married and become a computer programmer. Mapmaker would live a good life, possibly move back to where he was born and make money. He would soon retire his job and mapping in his 70's and die at 90, due to diabetes (family gene) or die peacefully. He will be remembered and his grandchildren would continue mapping.

Mapper Freaker

Add it!

Finn Mapper

Continues (probably) mapping. After compulsory school, he goes to Gymnasium. After that, he will go to execute his Military Service. Then he tries to go to University and probably tries study to Doctor. Possibly gets married and children and live happy life.


Probably this guy will be no more into mapping videos, because they are more difficult and have less views than historical videos. Drex will probably upload monthly (basically when he wants) and will be leaving mapping community gradually until leaving it forever. In the future he probably won't get a job (Job? In Spain? HA!), living of what he manages to do. Surely he will never get married or have children. He will build nuclear artefacts and weird machines to travel in time, having success and creating a paradox that will destroy the universe and everything it contains.


Get more subs than Moap and be respected by every mapper in da world. Be admin and have potato in huge ammount

Mind1337 Mapping

Add it!

Nick HD Mapping

Add it!


Percy will join the army in 2015. After serving his time there, he will start university and will continue his mapping carrier as well. He may become famous and beloved enough to be admin in the near future.


He will make more vids and stops mapping at 2023,Where he invents the infinite energy machine and go rich.Then start mapping again at 2026,which he has an animation crew so he can make 30 minute long mapping vids.In 2035 he will be a professor of chemistry which he started this job at 2024.In 2036 he will win the Nobel prize for physics and in 2045 he will win the nobel prize of chemistry.And he makes a mappers convention in his 5 countries house.And an incident happens when Ethan ate 20 tons of Vegemite.In 2050 he finds Yamnu. Lisastr67 dies in 2123.After that his brain is put into a robot and kept alive.

It's Excellent

It's excellent possibly will make only countryballs in future and will buy likes and advertisements for his channel and will grow up.

Philipp Mapping

Realism Warning

Philipp Stop Mapping at 2015 and beginn to learning C++.

In Year 2018 he make a Opeating System and get 30.000$ for it.

In 2022 want he not go to Army and go to Lichtenstein.

In Year 2023 have he destory Micrsoft and create a Company.

Philipp have in Year 2025 ,5 Milliards € and 1t Platin.


gets famous for making better flags than gadaffi

Flutterzance Light

Decide to become a good mapper until 2022 .

become president of a new association

Java Sea

Nobody Cares

PinkBunny Mapping

I will age 1 year in the next year, 2 years in the next 2 years, and 3 years in the next 3 years.

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