The Future of the World trilogy by xXGUNXxXOpforXx is a Future of the World-type series established first in March 2013, but a new version in June 2013. The countries used in this series are used with some names that were mentioned in other animations. Some of them are Micronations that are mentioned on (Leylandiistan - seen on Season 2 Part 1 - present).

The First Future of the World

xXGUNXxXOpforXx used a Wikipedia map of the world including Antarctica in early 2013. It was hard to manage but managed to make at least three episodes so he decided to start over

Modern version

The version modernly by xXGUNXxXOpforXx is in use with a premiere of the first part of season one, part one in July 2013 when a micronation by the name of the Sangheili Union declares war on the United States and NATO after declaring independence, and manages to be the first country to win a war against a "superpower".

Today, the version of the series is on season two when the world was wiped out by a nuclear war against Spain. Viewers can mention any ideas related to the series or ask for a new nation to keep the series going.

 List of Nations

This is a list of nations in the Mapping series.

Season 1

  • Texas
  • Sangheili Union
  • Nations that survived the Sangheili-American War a.k.a World War 3
  • Vancouver
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Swedish Empire
  • Islamic Albania
  • Africa
  • Liberia
  • Arab States (Arab League States, United Arabia)
  • South Africa
  • United Oceania
  • China
  • Sybir
  • India
  • Nations from 2013
  • Naples
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Sami
  • Italian States (Papal, Veneto, Milan, Torino, Sardinia, Sicily)
  • Spanish States (Basque, Aragon, Galicia, North Spain, Granada)
  • Chinese States (Hu, Qin, Tibet, Che, Xijiang, China)
  • 3 little states of America (Doylestown, Sumerton, Bustleton)
  • Brittany
  • Congo (After Naples is conquered by France)
  • Islamic Alliance
  • Mamporia

Nations (Season Two)

(x) = defunct nations

  • Schykille (x)
  • Texas (x)
  • Brazil
  • 2nd Roman Empire (x)
  • Egypt
  • Algeria
  • Libya
  • Carribiean (x)
  • Crystal Empire
  • Quebec
  • Inuit
  • Ohio (x)
  • Byzantium
  • Romania
  • Turkey
  • Iran
  • Xerxistan (proposed)
  • South American States (x) (Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bueno Aires, Guyana, Suriname)
  • Ha'll
  • Soviet Union (proposed)
  • Vietlaos
  • Poland
  • Neji
  • Wadiya
  • China (proposed)
  • California
  • Mexico
  • Italian States (x) (Veneto, North Italy)
  • Communist Italy
  • Gaul
  • Sealand
  • American States (x) (Wexalia, Boise, Montana, Nevada, Missouri, Colorado, Dakota)
  • Confederate States (proposed)
  • Alaska
  • Assyria (x)
  • Switzerland
  • Nordic States (Sweden, Norway, Svalbard, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland)
  • Taipan

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