This is now an Inactive Map Game.


Philipp Mapping>


Note that this is a Old Map Game,so i have not create a New Map Game


  • Per train take only country in size of The Today Austria!
  • A Players can have 3 Countries + a "+ Countrie"
  • Pacts allowed BUT No Pact against a Player
  • Pro War lost the Earth  10 Times(If the Earth lost 5000 Times the Humans escape)
  • You can make Puppet Countries of your Land
  • If you lost all Countries you are a Puppet Countrie or a Countrie in Anfrica
  • If you declare War on a White Countrie must a other Player help the White Countrie
  • Fill your Countrie in Color
  • Puppets are Darker
  • A Countrie can be Neutral but you must help a other Countrie
  • Mods can kick Players out of the Game if they not play at the Rules
  • Mods can if the a other Player have the Try but offline,make a Second Try



Philipp Mapping = Mod


Philipp Mapping=Hungary

Philipp Mapping=Russia

Philipp Mapping=U.S.A

Philipp Mapping(+ Countrie)=Germany