-Fyorrian Mapping, 2018

Kingdom of Fyorr
Könketömm eff Fiårria
September 19th, 1904 - Present
Fyorr-Flag.png Fyorr-COA.png
Flag Coat of arms
"Dæfent ånde Reisepek"

"Defend and Respect"

"Am sei Tippe eff sei Fiårriana Maunnsei"

"On the Tip of the Fyorrian Mountian"

Capital Tråmså
Largest city Ståkkårå
Fyorrian Norwegian, Danish, Finnish
Official languages Fyorrian
Demonym Fyorrian
Religion Protestant Christianity
Government Constitutional Monarchy
King Dånn Næss
Prince Steinar Næss
Prime Minister Hannei Kiall
GDP (PPP) 2018
 - Total 702.5 billion (32nd)
 - Per capita 104.102,95 (3rd)
Currency Krånea
Time zone UTC +2

Fyorr (/fjɒɹ/), officially the Kingdom of Fyorr is a kingdom located in Scandinavia. The climate in the north is Tundra, while in the south the Subarctic climate is seen. The country's population is a little over 18 million people. Its capital and largest city is Tråmså. It declared its independence in 1904. It supplies free healthcare The national animal is the Eurasian Red Squirrel. The kingdom is a member of the UN, the Nordic Council and NATO.

FlagOfMCS This nation is a member of the MCS.


The name Fyorr comes from the founder of the kingdom and the first king, Fjallar Næss.


Am sei tippe eff sei Fiårriana maunssei,

Lætt åur herttar ånde åur seillar.

Vai nåblivir imm åur herttar,

Sei ånnar kutt mårttur am kutt kåltt nåktt,

Pållhann förr åur nåssen.

Fjallar Næss blitt vai,

Hö hålle liffer am issitt vai,

Att sei lafftel eff åur herttar.


The history of Fyorr reaches back to 1320, when Sweden took over Norway. A Norwegian group called the “Skandis” starts a rebellion, hoping to reform Norway. The North Swedes (Fyorrians) supplied them with weaponry and food during the war. The Swedes were victorious, and in the Treaty of Stockholm, the Skandis would not gain independence.

The First Fyorrian Uprising

In 1397, during the formation of the Kalmar Union, the Fyorrian people declared war under the name “Novaskandi”. They lost the war.

Fast forward to 1899, the Swedish Empire still exists. Fjallar Næss, a descendant of a Novaskandi general gathers all Novaskandi descendants. He lets them know about his plan to win the war and form the Novaskandi kingdom. The plan works, and they defeat the Swedish Empire. In the treaty of Trondheim in 1904, the Novaskandis are given their own nation. The people decide to name the kingdom after him and “Fjallar” transforms into “Fyorr”.

World War I & World War II

The nation managed to stay neutral during WW1, trying to stabilize.

The kingdom joined the Allies in WW2. They win, and Fyorr gained a northern German island for 50 years. The island was ceded back to Germany in 1995.

Expansion Period

This period was from 1918-1991 when the Fyorrians expanded.

Purchase of Nord and Sør Trøndelag

To Maintain a good relationship, on January 10th, 1918, the Norwegian regions of Nord and Sør Trøndelag were purchased and renamed to Nårtt and Sutt Trånttelag.

Finnish-Swedish Collapse

After Fyorr and Norway seceded from Sweden, Sweden requestes a unification with Finland. Finland accepted. With the rising levels of depression in Sweden and the 1990's depression of Finland the nation collapsed and was annexed by Fyorr. This way, the Fyorrian economy, size, population and province count started booming.


Fyorr is located in Scandinavia. The highest point is Kebnekaise, located in the Laplantt province.


Image of Kebnekaise


The climate in the north of the kingdom is Tundra, while in the south the Subarctic climate is seen.


The kingdom is split up into 25 provinces.

Province Capital
Finnmærk Alta
Tråms Tråmså
Nårttlant Bådö
Nårtt Trånttelagg Stennkier
Sutt Tranttelagg Tråndeimm
Lapplantt Kiruna
Nårrbåttea Luleå
Iamtlantt Fünsdelina
Festterbåttea Umeå
Anker-Månnlåntt Harnossantt
Metelpatt Suntsvålt
Hålsinklantt Söderamme
Heriettalenn Svekk
Gastriklantt Gåvlå
Dålarnå Felünn
Upplåntt Ståkkårå


Farmmlantt Karlstatt
Narkk Öberå



Uleå Uleåsittei
Helsinnör Helsinki
Finneå Tåmparrå
Mikkelia Kuåpiå
Wesså Svålbårre Löngirbien

Largest Cities

This is a list of the country's largest cities by population.

Rank Name Province Population
7EskilstunnaSötter-Mannlantt209, 028
9UleåsitteiUleå198, 358

International Relations


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Country Name Relation(s) in: Treaty:


All Treaty of København
Neo Prussia All Treaty of Danzig
Rakvere All Treaty of Tallinn
Biscasia All Treaty of Santander

Western Republic

All Treaty of Edmonton
Slavonica All Treaty of Svålvær
Neshka All Treaty of Bådö
Baltorus All Treaty of Vadsö
Straßenbrücken All Treaty of Trier
Apollo Union All Treaty of Tråndeimm
Gralician Federation All Treaty of Alta
Parbounli All Treaty of Turkk
Alatia All Second Treaty of Tråndeimm
Karianka All Treaty of Monceki


Economic and Military Treaty of Ståkkårå


These are all embassies and consulates Fyorr has in other nations and other nations have in Fyorr.

Fyorrian Embassies/Consulates in other nations:

Nation City
Parbounli Mogaxan
Apollo Union Atlanta

Foreign Embassies/Consulates in Fyorr:

Nation City
Parbounli Tråmså
Gralician Federation Tråmså
Valkyria Confederation Turkk
Apollo Union Bådö

Recognized Nations

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  • Valkyria Confederation
  • Karianka
  • Biscasia
  • Neo Prussia
  • Gralician Federation
  • Danubian Federation
  • Parbounli
  • Alatia

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