The Golden Mapper alliance is an alliance that was first made by Goldenrebel25. It currently includes 9 mappers. NOTE: The GMA is now a part of the Coalition.


GMA Solidus


The alliance started on November 20, 2013 when Goldenrebel25 and Multi Mappers first became allies. Eventually History Mappers, Zephyrus, Zukas and Drexmapper joined. After that Rebel called it the "Small Mapper Alliance" because at the time all of the mappers in the alliance had a small amount of subscribers. Eventually, Rebel let MOAP join and eventually Ethan decided to join as well.

By the time MOAP joined Rebel realized that a few mappers had gained a lot of subscribers and with Multi Mappers he renamed it the Golden Mapper Alliance, both because it is golden, like awesome, and also in honor of Goldenrebel25.

Arcy tried to join the GMA in January 2014 without anybody's permission, but he was caught by Goldenrebel25 and Arcy was eventually banned on 31st January, with the GMA as a major part of the war that was against Arcy and the UMU.

On May 2014, MrownerandPwner and 99batran were elected leaders of the GMA. Making them the first rulers of 2 alliances at the same time. However, MrownerandPwner had left a few hours after the election had been won. Leaving 99batran the leader of both GMA and UPMU. (Original Plan) When Mrownerandpwner and 99batran were elected then plan to divide the GMA and UPMU amongst themselves. Mrowner will be leader of GMA (as 99batran will be the vice-leader) while the opposite for UPMU.


  1. Founders (Rebel and Multi) can ban anybody they want, only with the other founder's confirmation (unless the other founder is inactive at the time).
  2. Nobody can join unless both of the founders (unless one, of course, is inactive) agree.
  3. Every leader election will happen every 2 months (January, March, May, July, September, November.)
  4. Any major decision that the leader makes has to be confirmed by at least one founder.
  5. If someone declares war against someone in the alliance, EVERYONE in the alliance is against them.
  6. The alliance focuses on peace. If there is a war, minor or major, the GMA will try to stop it in any way possible.
  7. Every party for leader elections has to have 2 people. Not 1, not 3, not any other than 2.
  8. If you want, you can add your own flag by your username.
  9. Members can remain neutral if the GMA-UPMU supports a faction in the war. They will be called to arms if there is a declaration of war but there can be a certain number of neutrals depending on the war. ALL members must be ready to participate if attacked/provoked.

Parties (for elections)

  1. Multi Mappers and GoldenRebel25
  2. Zephyrus and Drexmapper
  3. EthanConquistador and Zukas


The main goal for the GMA has always been to preserve peace and prosperity throughout the Mapping community and unite the Mappers into one Union, with one flag in the most peaceful way possible, with war as only a last resort.


Relations with other alliances


We fought side by side and got Arcy finally banned, and some of our members are in the UPMU. We are still natural rivals though.

Relations: 195 (Close Allies)


We have apologized and started fresh and clean.

Relations: 15 (Friendly)


They are an organized, stable alliance that is actually pretty friendly. Some of their members are in our alliance. We are allies.

Relations: 150 (Allies)


We don't know about these guys either, but Gandaime and Goldenrebel25 are friendly with each other.

Relations: 50 (Friendly)



Founder/Co-Founder: Founded the Golden Mapper Alliance, has the final say in what the leaders do.

Leader: Makes the decisions for what the alliance will do.

In order of joining:



Goldenrebel25  Multi Mappers 



Other Members






Spotty2012 Happydance9 Philipp Mapping Kavishan Mapping Ironhand21 Mapmaker023

People applying to join (Add yourself)

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