Galoria is a nation that originally started off as a bloodthirsty empire to take over the Middle East. It died when the USA forced them back into the Middle East and it died in one of its cuts into the Holy USSR.


Galoria's name is named after its capital city, Galor. It also means that Galoria has glory when they are in battles, conflicts, or wars in their point of view, giving them extra morale.


As Kurdistan

Galoria wasn't always the Galorian Empire, it started off as Kurdistan. When it gained independence from Iraq, it declared their capital as Galor. Then, it fought the Middle East, killing Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, and parts of Saudi Arabia. When Kurdistan noticed Turkey surrendered, it changed their name to Galorian Empire.

The Ottoman-Galorian War

Soon enough, the Galorian Empire bordered The Holy Ottoman Empire, and so they fought for control over Turkey, causing The Ottomn-Galorian War. Eventually, Austrian Republic kicked in and attacked northern Ottoman territory. The Holy Ottoman Empire retreated and took control of the Italian Peninsula, making Galorian Empire and Austrian Republic rest. The Austrian Republic, however, split after The Holy Ottoman Empire changed their name to Bevaria.


It wasn't too long before the Holy USSR attacked Galoria. Countries in Europe picked their sides, some allying with Galorian Empire. Then, European War I happened, causing USSR to cut deep into Galorian territory. But they were able to force USSR troops back into their own territory and cut into them. Eventually, there were so many cuts into Holy USSR that it surrendered a lot of their land. By this, Galorian Empire were able to finally make the Holy USSR die and get forced out of Asia and Europe.

European War II

Galorian Empire changed their name to Galoria when they took the fallen land of Iberia and Bevaria. And now, the tiny newborn countries declared war against Galoria. So did Germany and Burgas. But, the tiny countries surrendered their land to Galoria, Burgas was defeated, and so was Germany. Then, Galoria focused onto the Netherlands, which invaded Luxembourg and Belgium successfully. Galoria took control of Netherlands while Baltica claimed lots of more land. Czech warned Galoria about Galoria's hyperness, but then was defeated by Galoria. Then it turned its focus onto Baltic, which was easily defeated; so was Warsaw. Scandinavia and Murmansk tried to help, but were overwhelmed by Galorian forces. Scandinavia and Murmansk surrendered to Galoria, and all was neutral.


Britain, shortly after the end of European War II, decided to attack Galoria, but Britain noticed that Portugal and the island of Ireland were nuked and captured by the USA. Britain got invaded very quickly and vanquished shortly thereafter. Then, it renamed the parts of fallen Britain; UK 2.0 and France 2.0. France 2.0 invaded Galoria with tons of force, splitting it from their parts. Galoria was then finally defeated in their cut into the dead Holy USSR.


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