Flag of Gazientia

Gazientia is a nation located in Catalonia and Southern France. It is the Offical nation of Multi Mappers.


First Gazientian Dynasty

The Kingdom of Aragon was formed in Catalonia in 37 FE. It expanded to cover 1/3 of Iberia. It joined in the Iberian wars on its own side. It sent an army of 36,000 men into Permia and Masorpia. In the battle of Viscaya against Masorpia, Masorpia lost 21,000 out of 46,000 and the Gazientians lost only 5,000 out of 17,000 Gazientia and Permia gained the most when peace was signed: Alicante and Navarra were gained. In 54 FE, Gazientia and Sacrania formed an alliance and invaded Provence. The main battle consisted of 40,000 troops from Provence and 76,000 from Sacrania and Gazientia. Provence lost 14,000 troops and the rest fled, while Gazientia and Sacrania lost 10,000 troops. Gazientia gained all of southern France in the war. In 85 FE, Sacrania called Gazientia into a war against Yugoslavi. Gazientia sent 60,000 men over to Croatia. When the Allied army of 110,000 were marching through Istria, a Yugoslavi force of 50,000 ambushed them during the night. 46,000 Gazientians were killed on the battle, and the allied nations surrendered. The generals of the army did not realize Gazientia was 13 years behind on military technology. The Mamporians realized their chance and attack Gazientia with 85,000 troops. Gazientia lost Alicante but counter attacked in the north, where a Mamporian army of 20,000 was routed by 400 Gazientians. Then the main army of 40,000 attacked the Mamporian main army of 30,000. The Mamporians lost 14,000 men, while Gazientia lost about 700. The Tybers decided to help Mamporia, while Sacrania pulled out due to revolts. The battle of Boradaux started with 70,000 Tyberians against 50,000 Gazientians. The Gazientian army lost over 45,000 men, and the country fell in 3 months.

Second Gazientian Dynasty

Gazientia declared independence from Mamporian and Tyberny iN 103 FE. The nation quickly destroyed Tyberny with help from Serbia, Bargow, and Ingentium. The intact allied army of 140,000 marched into Iberia. The battle of Lisbon was the final battle of the war. 98,000 Gazientians vs 54,000 Mamporians. Mamporia surrendered after losing 45,000 men. Gazientia invaded Vivy and Istres and conquered them in three months.

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