Gdansk is a nation in Ethan's AFOE. it never ends its restoration of the Polish Empire until they have a half of the Polish empire back.


The warmonger nation of Casablanca is a threat to all Europeans, they all collapsed the same way, now the nation seek to retore earth before any new nation is more threatening, it's the worst history in the world, discovered as a puppet stateof the UOHO, now it was released along with Budapest.

The Empire restore the Polish Empire back way it was but it isn't over he, Hymir takeover the Gdańsk Empire, while the seekers take the lands back and control Yi. Forced Empires of the Romans are falling to approx. 60 members in Gdansk, the coup is a failure.


It's rather an digging for the WWIII archaeology which has mainly have poor status of the discovery of some guns or machines like tanks, they have to do this as a less focused because it might be the laws that are making.

It's considered to be the newer most Serene area of it, it replaced Venice as Gdansk.