Ultimate attack!

Germania (Black) AT his height (1747)



After the bad economy some people of Germany starts a rebellion, after some battles Germany surrender and Germania is formed at 1725 Germania makes a alliances with chelro and attacked Italy who is quick conquered in 1730 Germania replaced his capital to the west mostly because in the last moments of the civil war the old government destroyed berlin. in 1737 Germania attacks Corsica and with the support of chelro corsica is not a match. because Germania wants a trade island in the east-south Geramnia trade some land with chelro and Germania have crete a greek island. in 1746 Germania has made his colony named Lapland. in 1747 Germania attacked Denmark and makes a treaty at the same year Ronschdilatia makes war with prohslaria and Germania and chelro helps him After this war Germania makes a puppet state names Danzig


Germania has a good economy and trade a lot with chelro.

At the point Germania has a good military with a very strong navy but the air force isn't that strong.

Navy boats: 500 Infantry: 1.250.000 Tanks: 6000 Air force: 300

Puppet states: Danzig.

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