Federal Republic of Germany
Bundesrepublik DeutschlandDE
East Germany.png
Occupied Germany.png
Flag of Germany.svg Coat of arms of Germany.svg (1).png
Flag Coat of arms
Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit
Unity and Justice and Freedom
Song of Germany
Capital Berlin
Largest city Berlin
Official languages German
Ethnic groups 79.0% Germans, 11.0% Other Europeans, 7.0% Asians, 0.8% Africans, 0.5% Americans, 1.7% others
Demonym German
Religion 59.3% Christianity, 34.4% Atheists, 5.5% Islam, 0.8% Other religions
Government Federal constitutional parliamentary republic
GDP (PPP) 2016 estimate
 - Total $3.980 trillion
 - Per capita $48,111
GDP (nominal) 2016 estimate
 - Total $3.467 trillion
 - Per capita $41,902
Gini (2014) 30.7
HDI (2015) 0.926
Currency Euro (€)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 - Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Drives on the right
Calling code +49
ISO 3166 code DE
Internet TLD .de

Germany is a country in Europe, and is part of the European Union. They are the richest country in Europe, being vast in their Euro income. Over the centuries, countries have conquered the German soil, but there have been three realms of Germany, and the third one brought terror to Europe.

History of Germany

German Tribes

The earliest portion of Germany's journey, Beginning almost 2000 years ago, Small germanic tribes merged into one small clan, Smaller than Germany today.

Rome's Conquest

German Tribes protected thier lands and used the weather to thier advantage, the German tribes defeated Rome during Rome's conquest.

Holy Roman Empire

The German Tribes lasted for about a Millenium after Rome collapsed. After that however France (At the time called Franks) dominated german territories, and after Franks broke into 3 pieces (France, And two other countries) and the two other countries merged into the HRE. They claimed they are the "Successor" to Rome but later collapsed into over 30 new clans, Prussia (Which became Germany), Austria, and numerous other little countries fought over each other for domination of the HRE's land.


Prussia escaped the war and held on barely. Prussia dominated a small amount of land west of Russia. Akwardly named after the same country (Just with a P attached before R). After the Napoleon Wars Prussia dominated the Northern half of Germany, and later fought for control against Austria.

In 1866, the German Confederation collapsed and Prussia and Austria broke into war. Prussia came out victorious, annexing Schiswig-Holstein, and later forming the North German Federation. Baden, Wuttemburg, Hesse-Dramstadt, and Bavaria also fell into the NGF's control in the aftermath of the war. In 1867, the Austrio-Hungarian compromise occured, barring Austria's influence from Germany. In the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871, the NGF occupied the northern half of France, and Annexed Aslace-Lorraine. Germany was declared unified in January 1871, during the closing weeks of the war.


The start of WWI was sparked by when Serbian terrorists assassinated the Archduke of Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary then declared war on Serbia. This led to Germany siding with Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire against the Allied Powers, including the Russian Empire, France, the British Empire, and later on, the USA.


After Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, the Nazi party took control of Germany. Adolf Hitler was actually born in Austria-Hungary and moved to Germany after fighting in the First World War. When Poland was invaded by Germany on September 1, 1939, the United Kingdom and France declared war on Germany. throughout the war, Germany took control of: France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Norway. However, after a devastating winter during Operation Barbarossa, the odds were in the Allied Powers' favor. On April 30, 1945, Hitler committed suicide, Germany surrendered after Berlin fell to the Soviets. In the aftermath of the war, Germany ceded Silesia, Pomerania, and East Prussia to Poland. Austria was released, and Czechoslovakia regained their land lost in the Munich agreement.

Germany 1949-1990

East vs West

After WWII the Soviet Union split Germany into 2 (Unequal) pieces, into West Germany, the Federal Republic of Germany, as we know it today and East Germany. You can see a picture of West Germany in the left. Berlin was also separated, by a wall, Named the "Berlin Wall" which would be later torn down in 1989.

Cold War

Now that the two sides were separated, tensions flared in the region. For over 40 years no side budged, as nuclear Weapons were becoming a possible threat to humanity, but The West stood up and the USSR couldn't stand with its economy going haywire. In 1990 Germany was re-united.


Germany is now part of NATO and has adopted the Euro (Because it is part of the EU). It hosts many tourists and is known for its beer and sausages.

German Regions

Germany has 16 federal states.

Flag Name Capital Area Population
Flag of Baden-Wurttemberg Baden-Wurttemberg Stuttgart 35,751.46 km² 10,879,618
Flag of Bavaria Bavaria Munich 70,549.44 km² 12,843,514
Flag of Berlin Berlin Berlin 891.7 km² 3,671,000
Flag of Brandenburg Brandenburg Potsdam 29,478.63 km² 2,484,826
Flag of Bremen Bremen Bremen 11,627 km² 2,400,000
Flag of Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg 755 km² 5,046,182
Flag of Hesse Hesse Wiesbaden 21,100 km² 6,176,172
Flag of Lower Saxony Lower Saxony Hanover 47,614.07 km² 7,926,599
Flag of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Schwerin 23,211.05 km² 1,612,362
Flag of North Rhine-Westphalia North Rhine-Westphalia Düsseldorf 34,084.13 km² 17,865,516
Flag of Rhineland-Palatinate Rhineland-Palatinate Mainz 19,854.21 km² 4,052,803
Flag of Saarland Saarland Saarbrücken 2,570 km² 995,597
Flag of Saxony Saxony Dresden 18,415.66 km² 4,084,851
Flag of Saxony-Anhalt Saxony-Anhalt Magdeburg 20,451.58 km² 2,245,470
Flag of Schleswig-Holstein Schleswig-Holstein Kiel 15,763.18 km² 2,858,714
Flag of Thuringia Thuringia Erfurt 16,171 km² 2,170,714


The purposed Future of Germany for each Mapper is proclaimed here:


If the European Union united, Germany would most likely lead it. If it's resources had run out or a large threatening power had swept through Earth, then Europe would have to unite to fight the threat.

Fourth Reich, Anyone?

But for the current path? Germany clearly would have make it's own Nuclear weapons. Despite sharing it with other European powers, it would be the center for European Power. If Europe became like the HRE, then it would Elect Germany the most.


Germany will fall in the year 2019 and Talin will dominate Germany's lands. Germany will never appear after this, well that is later on it will appear and also when the WU is formed but will quickly be demolished by Slovakia.


Germany takes Kaliningrad and Prussia, becomes Neo Nazi Germany and then dies.

Chris Mapping

Germany will prosper for a few decades more then the nationalists win the election,kick out immigrants and maybe expand and when the oil runs out they start to use much more ecofriendly energy.


Germany will prosper for many more years as it is the backbone of EU. Even if there would be third time where Germany would face an enemy on the battlefield, Germany would prevail as it has a large amount of supporters around Europe. Although there are going to be no large war ever again if UN, NATO and fear of WMD's remains in this world so there will be no worries for Germany.


Heil Germany! This empire will turn that European Union into the enforcing fear, it will be demolished by the new Fourth Reich and stand to unite Switzerland and Austria!


Germany attacks Poland because they want their land back then World War 3 happens because UK is mad then Germany dies.

geracruzcolusa (ChizzleDonkey)

Old Series

Germany helps in a defensive war against the North African Nations. It then invades the Slovakian Empire to liberate Poland. Germany also helps in a war against communist West Austria and Italy.

Germany unites with Austria to form the Austro-German Landmass, which helps defend Europe adainst the Greater Rus'. After the war, it unites with Croatia to form Croto-Austroeny. It is split between Austro-Germany and the 2nd Hungarian Empire after land is granted to the Czech Republic. After Czechoswitzerland splits, Austro-Germany gains some land in the Alps.

Scandinavia declares war on Austro-Germany and Britain for land. Austro-Germany loses the war. Saxony declares independence, and the north-eastern part of Austro-Germany wishes to join Poland, which it does. Benelux grants the now landlocked nation a coast.

The Moroccan Empire invades Austro-Germany to take control of Austria. Austria is lost, and Germany attempts to invade Benelux, but France and Britain do, too. Because of this, Germany becomes the Far West German Empire. It grants independence to Bavaria, except for Munich.

The three German nations unite, Poland gives Germany its eastern land, and Germany gives Benelux its eastern land.

A Future Butchered

Germany supports rebels in Alsace who wish to join Germany. Germany begins a war to reclaim its old lands, which it wins. It changes its name to Germaximus and unites several other Germanic nations.


Germany will stay in power, build nuclear power plants, and not expand much. Possibly Austria will join, but Germany is unlikely to fall into anarchy. Even if they lose their oil, they'll still find a way to get oil *ahem* *whispers* Switzerland's Appalachian Mountains...


Germany, the backbone of the EU, will prosper for many years. Germany may unite German-speaking territories like Austria.

Multi Mappers

Germany will become powerful, take over the world, and then make a cake saying SCREW YOU RUSKIES WE GOT YOU THIS TIME!


Germany has 2 paths for the future; become a Muslim nation, or become Nazi again. The German people will lose there tolerance for immigrants seeing as they are destroy their country, there will be anti-immigrant riots all over the country. The NDP will gain power and declare themselves as a National Socialist party. Merkel will be impeached and the Neo-Nazi's will regain control. However, instead of killing Jews and Slavs, they will expel/kill all the Muslims in Germany. They will most likely ally themselves with the anti-muslim Poland and together they will make a Panzer/Winged Hussar hybrid which will absolutely destroy Islam.


Germany continues to prosper for a few more decades until the Euro is abandoned.



Germany becomes a neo-nazi, anschullueses Austria, annexes Sudetenland, makes Czechia a puppet state, and causes World War 3 with Russia.



Map of Thunder's Futuristic Germany

Austria joins Germany, later Germany Takes back WW1 borders and Czechia Joins Germany


Germany will have a new leader in 20 years, and it will become a world superpower. It will unite all of Europe under one nation and lead the world.

Tudor Mapping

Germany will fall under the hypnotism of an immortal forcing him to create robots to face his doom. He hypnotises him to fight ISIS with the robots and Lithuania and France.


Sooner or later Germany's time to fall will come. This time, however, it will most likely be late. My guess is that it will fall if:

  1. Another power takes control and Germany falls into 2/3 countries (not very likely).
  2. Germany continues to exist throughout the ages as a power (too much imagination is used on this one!)
  3. Germany falls into anarchy once oil runs out (most likely).

German soldur

Wid jerman suprior intlect and techlonojee we will conqarr der welt!!!!!! wir woll become ze natsee and the welt wir bee uns wid suprior bleetzkreeg taktics. Austria is anschlussed and rest is no eskaep. Hehehehe.


Bavaria gains independence with Germany slowly ripping apart and by 2100 Germany will only own Westphalia who reunite the nation after invading the nations one by one.

Theodoreball (Manuel)

Germany becomes Prussia again and invades half of Poland/

Conspiracy Theories

What if Third Reich is no die?