I made this page for every mapper to write something about him/her self. Since I'm (Awesomapper) quite a new mapper and I really want to get to know you guys. Please if possible write down your Skype and even your official nation.

Thanks! ;)



Im Corne keetels from the Netherlands, I really like mapping and I would like to have some contact with some of you guys, i'm the one who made this page. I like Bronies (I'm not one myself), cheese, MOAP, mapping, science, cheese, Playing EUIV, People from Italia and Spain, Catalan independence, oh and cheese. My official nation is Denfea and my Skype is theenroc. Oh, I forgot to type that I absolutely hate French people, because of reasons.


Hi, I'm Disturbedfan (nicknames are either Disturbed or DF) from Finland. I'm not a religious person and I very much despise any religious talks because they bring nothing good. I'm kind of an nationalist but at the same time not... Anyways, I started mapping few years ago when it was still a kinda unknown thing even though it still is. I'm one of the oldest in the community, almost 19 years old. My mapping style is kinda old and simple, just like how I want things to be (well, not old, just simple). I don't really have hobbies other than sleeping and being on my computer. I don't really play strategy games like most mappers 'cause I suck at them so I tend to play management/sandbox games like RimWorld or Prison Architect and RPG-kinda games. On some occasions I do play shooting games. I have some knowledge of coding but I don't code anything other than make changes to some games' coding.


I'm the only Spanish mapper (so alone m8). I live in the region near Valencia. I don't use to play many video games, since my hobbies are mainly history, biology and similar. I am not specially active now, since I am making a list for HOE. I am a convinced catholic communist. My Skype is ''filosoraptor777'' (☭xXx_FЯ4NKЯ31CH_xXx☭)(

Ender Mapping

I'm a new mapper, but I hope to become a successful mapper in the future. I am from Asia but I live in the USA. I like Minecraft, Terraria, mapping (and maps in general), and The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion (I don't care if you don't know what The Silmarillion is). I found MervueMeringue's video a couple of years ago, and only started mapping recently. My Wikia name is SamuelTheBlueBird.


Greetings, my name is Ethan (my real name or username of mine for short. I basically like maps before and I watched Mervue's video about 2010, I suppose. I do have basic skills on wiki mechanics in this kind of wiki in the past, I'm the first person who did the category stuff, but I might be wrong. I also am the first mapper other than Europe and North America, and I have interest on maps (and dinosaurs and astronomy earlier) few years ago. My own wiki is called history of the universe which is inactive and possibly scrapped its idea forever, well I want to aim creating the entire history but it ended with me talking to Skype, etc.. I am anti-social sometimes in real life but I want to plan to create some country or become a leader but I lack skills of politics, so why not?

For more information about me, please ask me in my talk page.

Finn Mapper

Hi! I'm Mapper from Finland, who found this awesome mapping about 5 months ago. First mapping videos what I watched, was made by Demod2. So I decided to make my own mapping vids. I got a good reception, so I was instantly hooked on this. I like Minecraft, so I play it a lot. I'm interested about planes, geography and travelling. I like make "Future of" vids, but personally I hate History of Europe  etc. Hope that I will continue this for a long time. :D


Hi, I'm Goldenrebel25, also known as Golden, or GR25. I was born in Fermoy, Ireland, then I moved to Mallow, Ireland, and when I was two I moved to the USA. I've always been interested in maps, and in August 2013 I started mapping, starting to upload in September 2013. I am the third admin on this wikia and I'm mostly respected. I hate war too. In real life, I am a friend of Spotty2012, another mapper. I tend to have many large nations, but Vordalkien is #1 for me. I hate England because they took over Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. I have to admit that their tea is good though (xD). I joined this wikia in late November 2013, when Ethan was calming down and Arcy was going crazy. I took part in his ban in January 2014. I am also one of the only (maybe the first) mappers with a mac. My skype is minecraftmaniac0618. See ya!

♛ Emperor Jarjar 

Hello, my name is Jar from the United States! I was the first (fan) mapper. Right along side other founder fathers such as 99batran. Anywho, I love History and Politics and once I pick a side it's hard for me to change my mind. I associate myself more with Democrats I suppose but in general I guess I'm neutral. I love strategy games especially the ones by Paradox but I do also play FPS and RTS games. I'll give just about anything in life at least one try. I was absent from the Mapping Community a long time and hope to regain my former glory (haha yes I said glory). In real life I'm a rather shy, soft-spoken, nice guy. Some say I like people a bit too much. I am Catholic but I don't try going to "convert" all those who aren't which some of my friends do which I find rude and rather stupid. I'm not one to try and change a persons mind so they agree with me. I pretty much just think to myself "Hmm you can believe that stupid stupid thing but you ain't worth my time" and then I leave XD lol. My Steam name is Emperor Jarjar with the cool crowns around it and so is my Skype so friend me up!


Yo, my name is consisted of letters that I'm called. I'm 17 years old. I am kinda meh-ish at mapping and I live in Murica' but I was born in Luxembourg. I know a bit of German but not really. I guess some people would call me racist but I make fun of everyone equally and I enjoy other people's pain sometimes... no I'm not crazy. I am a extreme consertive and authoritarian and am against... certain things which I don't think I'll discuss here. I have a cat named Nittany (nit-a-nee) a brother who thinks mapping is stupid and calls it and I quote "F*cking retarded", a mother and a father. I also like imperialism and like it when the little guys win especially because I'm the little brother and was born in a tiny country. To learn my darkest secrets PM me and check out my vids maybe sub? You know you wanna:

Kavishan Mapping

I'm the only Sri Lankan Mapper and I am very inactive because my laptop is broken. I like Ferrari, Lamborghini, cars, Hot Wheels, Dubstep, XBOX (my Gamertag is DUBST3P1) and Top Gear. I hate Matchbox, Trio, Sunburn, PS3 and Fifth Gear


Hi! I am from Turkey and my Real name is Yiğit Alp Ö******.I am from Ereğli and I am interested in maps since I was 5 and I like coin collecting, chemistry and stuff. I as a mapper started to make vids at July 20th but I know this wiki for a long  time.I was inspired by Mervue.Some people know me as ChemicalFun27.I was born at 20 February 2004. My official nation is Yamnu.'Also, I like to write italic.'I like The Simpsons.


Hallo, my name is Parker! I am eleven years old and I live in Germany. I love to map and be friends with everyone! I was born in Utah and moved to Germany because of large heritage. I have created the Alternate History and Soap meme. I have a mapping channel on YouTube and I have 58 subscribers. I am Conservative but I don't agree on everything Conservative's say. I have Sensory Integration Disorder, where my five senses and emotions are harder to control. To learn more about me, visit my page, Mapmaker023.


Hi there! I am MappingPez, otherwise known on the wiki as MappingPez! MappingPezHappy I like mapping, gaming, and other stuff, but NOTHING and I mean NOTHINGbeats penguins MappingPezHappy. Anyways, I started to map in March 2014, and I will until I stop. Now, that is enough, so Bai! Hope to see and chat with you soon MappingPezExcited

== MrAmericanMapper

(My letters are big because I want 'em to be) I'm from America (duh) and I love mapping although good music and a plot are hard to scrape together. I tend to be neutral in most disputes and I like this wiki and all the mappers CURRENTLY on it. I am a conservative capitalist but I still like to see each of your points of views. I am of purely Greek descent and I like to do collabs with other mappers. I love 3rd person shooter games and tend to idolize myself on a lot of mappers. That's it for now, hope my series goes well etc, etc.... oh yeah, I almost forgot.... SUB ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi I am Percy, a mapper from Hellas. I hate the term "Greece" it refers to the enslaved people of Hellas. I am a bit nationalist, mostly nationist. I like mapping, basketball and videogames. I am very proud that I am Greek and I get offended when they insult my homeland. Actually I come from Pontos, but my family moved to Greece because of the genocide. My official nation is CEOM (Cassandrian Empire of Macedonia). I have made no videos yet about it but I will, be patient.


Hi I am OmegaOstrich, a mapper from the Netherlands. I'm usually inactive because of school (and my pc is broken!), but I try to upload a video once in a while. I have a few ongoing series, of which the most successful is Alternate Future Of Asia. I also make alternate war and civil war scenarios. I am sometimes nationalist but tend to support the EU (even though I think their policies are horrible). I also like quote a lot of people here have nothing against communism. support and ideas are always welcome on my channel. Sub if you like :p

Philipp Mapping

Hi, I´m a Mapper from Austria but my family is Hungarian :P. First I watch Videos of Mervue and after it I have want make Mapping, but I don't know Paint. I´m Hobby Programmer and my Official Nation is Chlero!

I like to read Books and I can´t use TSfH in my FoE (Don´t ask me why)

The Random Mapper

I'm Conor from England, and play way too many strategy games. I try to remain impartial in my videos, but I'm not all that successful. I support the Conservatives (but not Cameron) and have only recently started Mapping. I dislike sports on the whole, but am not a lazy person by trade. I enjoy history and all that stuff, but dislike geography intensely. S'just dull really. Anyway, that's me, and I'll stop here before I ramble too far.

StarDoesMapping (starring94)

I'm a mapper from Hungary. I've found mapping 7-8 months ago, and started making my videos in June. So I'm relatively new, but I like the community. I'm the system administrator of a server 'family'. I'm also a programmer and 'scripter' (in C++ / PAWN, Java and PHP), so If you would like to ask some kind of question about it, I probably can answer. About games: I like GTA (7 years experience), and strategy games like Civilization V, Europa Universalis IV, Victoria II, AtWar, etc. I'm not the best in all of them, but what can you do about it. Oh yeah: PC MASTER RACE!


I'm a mapper from Greece and play a lot of strategy games. I tend to hate all shooter games, especially call of duty, because I find them all the same: one guy that's shooting everyone. Although not a communist, I tend to always support communism. I am one of the few people in the west world that support Russia.

Polandball and Mapping Slovenia

I'm a 13 year old guy who lives in Slovenia (not in Slovakia). I was born in Ljubljana, but now I live somewhere in western Slovenia (I won't tell you where). I'm 93% Slovenian, 4% German, 2% Hungarian, 1% Armenian. My favourite countries (except Slovenia) are: USA, Armenia, Belgium, France, Austria, Netherlands, Morocco, Georgia, China and much more... My official nation is Marmadania. I also have a channel on Youtube!

TheCreator901 (TheRealCreator901)

Hi, my name is TheCreator901 (TC901), I am from Algeria. However I live in Lanchasire, UK. In real life if im in a group, I willdo thinks my way even if I am not the leader. Nevertheless, I like to stay away from people and if it was possible, remain in my house and play video games for the rest of my life. I own: Minecraft, Spore, EU IV, Civ V, Superpower II, Team Fortress II, Victoria II, Ggame Dev Tycoon, Robocraft, GearUp and War Thunder. Unfortunately, I am bad at these games except Civ 5 at Level 3 maximum. My official nation is The Gherensi Caliphate.

P.S-I will always be known as the first African Mapper.

Batran (2014)

My name is 99batran (or Batran99), I am from the good ol' United States. I am from the East Coast of the USA. I am also forever known as a mapper who brought the Rennaisance (Rebirth of MervueMeringue Mapping) to the Community back in 2012 while I just turned 13 that month. Much to the annoyance of others, I like to think of myself as a leader in some shape or form. Disregarding this, I am tend to be a shy, generous, and kind/caring person. For example like to give people my food if they want to (which apparently makes me very hungry for the whole day : ( ), I tend to not talk unless spoken to (only in real life), I also tend to be more of a guidance councilor or maybe some shoulder others could cry on (but we tend not to). I am one of those people who is very disciplined and tend to stay loyal to the group I am assigned to. I like to play plenty of grand strategy games made by Paradox Studios and also a trigger-happy mapper. According to my non-mapper friends, I am one of those people in the group that is random. I also tend to write up complicated stories and plots that allows people to think and I am sensitive when people start to fall out of line. Obviously, I am also known for being an Anti-Communist and Anti-Religious guy during my time, but I don't start fights about it. But I am very humble. Lastly, My greatest dreams are being a world leader and have a family...

PS: Little known fact, I am also a mapper friend of MervueMeringue.


Hey there. I'm TolfTolf, also known as TheOneLeggedFascist, also known as TheTwoLeggedFascist. I prefer to be called Tolf though. I currently live within Greater Boston, clam chowder, bad driving, silly accents, and all. My roots go back to Northwestern Europe, including Wales, Scotland, Ireland, England, and Norway. Though I am from Boston, I don't have too much of a silly accent, though I love clam chowder. I've done lots of mapping in the past, and I'm obsessed with history and politics. I'm also known on this wikia for being one of the only users who use full sentences. I'm a chatmod in this wiki, but I still like to have fun with normal users. I don't do too much mapping these days due to tests in real life that I have to do, but I still go on the wikia a lot. A little known fact is that my official nation is Uman.

The Danish Mapper

Hello! I'm The Danish Mapper and relatively new to mapping. I currently live in Gentofte in Northern Copenhagen, Sealand, Denmark. I am Pure Danish, and I am obsessed with Politics, History and Borders. I just created a Wikia page for my official nation called The Nordic Union and it was just created today. I'm called The Danish Mapper on Skype. Politically I associate myself with the danish party Socialdemokraterne. I own the following Grand Strategy Games: Europa Universalis 4, Victoria 2, Hearts of Iron 3, Crusader Kings 2, Stellaris and Civ V (+Beyond Earth, but I don't like that). On Steam I'm called Pyronixer.

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