Ghonasiflaids is a mapper who had first seen THOE in early 2012. Inspired by the series, and the fan series TFOE, he had decided to create his own mapping videos.

Ghonasiflaids' videos, unlike the vast majority of the other mappers, are not TFOE videos. Ghonasiflaids' original series was 'World war 3', taking place in the present day-near future. This video is much more influenced by actual politics and history than TFOE series.

Ghonasiflaids videos are among the most watched mapping videos, with the most viewed video by far being World War 3: Finale, with over 30k views.

Ghonasiflaids is highly critical of internet copyright laws, and features high quality music despite copyright claims. For this reason, Part 1 and the finale have been blocked from mobile by the greedy music companies.

Ghonasiflaids is currently working on the largest and most detailed mapping video series yet: The History of the World (THOW). It will be like an expansion to Mervues series (but with slightly less charm)!