Goldenrebel25 was a user who left on May 9, 2015. This is the page that he created and worked on for 1 year and 7 months.

Goldenrebel25, best known for his Alternate Future of Europe series, mapped from October 3, 2013 to May 4, 2015. He was first inspired by MervueMeringue , 99batran and Disturbedfan1100, and has over 1,700 Subscribers. Want to see his channel? Click here. He was the third admin of the wiki.

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Name of channel




Mappers subscribers rank


Total views of videos


Mapping dialect

Traditional-Ethan, Modern-Ethan


USA (Born in Ireland)

Best friends in wiki

Spotty2012, Zephyrus, MOAP, Zukas

Political views

Leftist/Socialist Irish Nationalist (woah)


The Coalition

Channel creation date

29th September 2013

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Luna This user is a linguist.
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Goldenrebel25's name is Zacharias (Zac) Aiden Gua**** ******. Parts of last name is censored for privacy reasons. He luckily has had a good life, and has not been bullied very much. Rebel likes paleontology, such as human evolution. Goldenrebel is homeschooled, and he finds it very fun because he has more free time. He also likes to play mapping games such as Diplomacy, and also video games, such as Atwar, PA, EUIV, and Forge of Empires. Yes, Goldenrebel likes video games. A LOT. Ever since he was a kid, Goldenrebel had a love for geography, as well as science and the arts. He has made many friends, and everyone knows him. He has been homeschooled for about a year. He attempted singing once but realized quickly that his voice is way too quavery (lol). Goldenrebel also commonly suffers from sleep paralysis. He is sometimes nicknamed as "The mapper who never sleeps" because he sleeps about 2 to 5 hours each night, and goes to bed between 1 to 5 (AM). He doesn't need sleep, it barely effects him at all.

Goldenrebel also loves music. He isn't a singer, but he plays both the Guitar and Piano. On the piano, he can play some two steps from hell songs, (songs that he uses in his videos) and performs rock songs with his band. He wants to play drums but his parents don't let him, sadface.


Rebel is mostly friendly, he has a good sense of humor and makes up jokes as he goes along, normally making people laugh. He is normally seen as the more mature of him and EPP, his twin, but only by a little bit.

Like what was said before, Rebel is friendly and tries to end fights but hates to be insulted. When he does, he normally takes it seriously and decreases his relations with whoever insulted him.

People are impressed by his knowledge in languages.

Mapping History

Ever since Goldenrebel25 was a kid, he loved maps. He drew them by hand, and was pretty good at it. When Rebel first watched Mervuemeringue's series on the History of Europe, he immediately loved it. He already had a passion for geography and acting too, and Mervuemeringue's series had combined those two together. At the time, more than 4 years ago, Rebel had no idea how to map. He eventually watched the whole series, but then for a few months had no more interest in the subject, until he saw 99batran's first ever tests on mapping. He thought that it was nice that there would be some other mappers. A couple of years later, he saw Disturbedfan1100's Future of Europe series and watched every single episode that was out at the time. Soon, Rebel was also watching other mappers, such as MrOwnerandPwner, MapAnimator, Ethan, and of course, 99batran.

In late summer 2013, Rebel had made up his mind that he wanted to become a mapper too. But for most of August and September he was busy with other things, like finishing summer and starting school again. Finally, in late September he finally made his youtube channel, titled Goldenrebel25. Rebel made his first mapping tests, A Future of Europe in early to mid September, but decided to not post them because they were really bad. He first started posting Alternate History of Europe videos, and they were pretty bad and had a lot of mistakes. But as time went on, Goldenrebel became better and better, and In late October He started animating a new series, based off of a site called Geacron, and this new series was called the History of Europe, and it is pretty accurate. Also, Rebel has just started his Alternate Future of Europe Series. Rebel has been on TheFutureOfEurope'sWikia since November 20, 2013 and was brought there by Zephyrus Mapping, the first mapper that Rebel became friends with. In the wiki, Goldenrebel25 currently has 10 allies and has joined the UPMU. He founded the GMA (Golden Mapper Alliance) that includes a lot of mappers for defense and peace. Goldenrebel hit 100 subscribers on April 1st, 2014, and 200 on June 1st, 2014.

Golden then cancelled and deleted his History of Europe series after 10 Episodes. He made his final video on 4 May 2015, and made a blog announcing his leaving on 7 May. He last talked to the community on 9 May and faded by May 16th.

Goldenrebel's oldest video

Goldenrebel's oldest video

Goldenrebel's First video


Golden's opinions about British/Irish counties




  • Goldenrebel25 currently has 3 series on his channel. In order from oldest series to newest series: Alternate History of Europe, Battle for Europe, and Alternate Future of Europe. History of Europe was cancelled after 10 episodes, because Golden realized he was doing too many series at once. He also goes in that cycle while making his videos: Alternate History, History, Alternate Future, and all over again.
  • Goldenrebel25 is in the Coalition, governer of the GMA.
  • He celebrates Mapperdonia week.
  • Goldenrebel is mostly Atheist.
  • He also is a major whovian.
  • Golden's iq is 146 (American system, European systems are much different).

Goldenrebel25's political compass


  • Account Made - Sept. 29, 2013
  • First Video - Oct. 3, 2013
  • 1 Subscriber - Oct. 6, 2013
  • 10 Subscribers - Nov. 4, 2013
  • 20 Subscribers - Nov. 20, 2013
  • 25 Subscribers - Nov. 29, 2013
  • 40 Subscribers - Dec. 29, 2013
  • 50 Subscribers - Jan. 15, 2014
  • 75 Subscribers - Mar. 7, 2014
  • 100 Subscribers - Apr. 1, 2014
  • 150 Subscribers - May 6, 2014
  • 200 Subscribers - June 1, 2014
  • 250 Subscribers - June 27, 2014
  • 300 Subscribers - July 21, 2014
  • 400 Subscribers - Sep. 5, 2014
  • 500 Subscribers - Sep. 26, 2014
  • 600 Subscribers - October 16, 2014
  • 700 Subscribers - October 24, 2014
  • 800 Subscribers - November 18, 2014
  • 900 Subscribers - December 27, 2014
  • 1,000 Subscribers - February 14, 2015

Major nations

Goldenrebel has made countless nations, these are the notable ones, from most famed to least.

First Generation Nations (Classic Nations)

Second Generation Nations (Rising Nations)

Third Generation Nations (New Nations)


What would you give Goldenrebel from 1 to 10?

The poll was created at 20:47 on June 24, 2014, and so far 149 people voted.

(If you are not in this list, I am completely neutral towards you.)


Goldenrebel's relations (click to enlarge)


Zephyrus Mapping
Multi Mappers
Spotty2012 (pal)
Inf4m0us Derphog


Founder of the wikia (+100)
Nice to everyone (+50)
3rd Favorite Mapper (+40)
Powerful (+25)
In GMA (+25)
Used Vordalkien AND Valgond (+25)
We've done gaming together (+20)
Dating my distant cousin (not peadar) (o_o) (+5)
Brony (-10)
Gets jealous of our subscribers (-20)

Current Relation: 235 (Allies)

Emperor JarJar

Friendly (+40)
Funny (+30)
Good videos (+10)
Current Relation: 80 (Friends)


Allies (+50)
Really nice (+40)
In GMA (+25)
We've done gaming together (+20)
Communist (+5)

Current Relation: 140 (Allies)

Zephyrus Mapping

Nice (+90)
Close ally (+40)
In GMA (+25)
Used Valgond (+10)

Current Relation: 125 (Allies)


2nd Favorite Mapper (+45)
He told me how to map (I asked him with a previous account on youtube) (+35)
Nice (+30)
Really smart (+25)

Powerful (+25)
Used Vordalkien and made it STRONK (+15)
We mess around in chat (+10)

Doesn't upload videos very much (-5)

Current Relation: 180 (Great Friends)


Nice and funny (+50)
Favorite Mapper (+50)
FUNJ!! (Inside joke) +30)
Powerful (+25)
In GMA (+25)
We've done gaming together (+20)
We block idiots together (+20)

One of the few sane people on the wikia left (+20)
Smart (+10)
Used Vordalkien (+10)

Current Relation: 260 (Very close allies)

Multi Mappers

Co-Leader of GMA (+50)
Nice (+50)

Didn't upload for a long time (-5)

Current Relation: 95 (Allies)


Started mapping (+874192837424231)
He has seen my series :D (+10)

Current Relation: 874192837424241 (This guy is holy)

Danijel Radosov

Good mapper (+50)
Allies (+50)
Sort of nice? (+5)

Current Relation: 105 (Allies)


Nice (Mostly) (+20)
Funny (+25)
Used Vordalkien (+10)
He left mapping and called us weirdos (-10)

Current Relation: 45 (Used to be friends, now what?)


Allies (+60)
Welcomed me (+25)
In GMA (+25)
On Skype (+10)
Used Vordalkien (briefly) (+5)

Can be a little more warlike than the other users (-1)
Is odd at times (-1)

Current Relation: 123 (Allies)


Allies (+60)
In GMA (+25)
Friendly (+20)
Inactive (-10)

Current Relation: 95 (Allies)


Ok videos (+20)

Used Valgond (+10)

Current Relation: 30 (Possibility of becoming friends)


Good videos (+50)
On skype a lot (+30)
Used Vordalkien (+10)
So mlg (+5)
Current Relation: 95 (Good Friends, possibility of becoming allies)


Good videos (+25)

Minecraft gamer (+25)
Brony :/ (-10)

Current Relation: 40 (Possibility of becoming friends)


Great videos (+30)
On skype (+20)
He's calmed down (+15)
Used Vordalkien (+10)
Is back to mapping! (+10)
I defended him (+5)

Was aggressive, but a while ago (-5)
Deleted his videos (-15)

Current Relation: 70 (Friends)


Good videos (+15)
Current relation: 15 (Neutral)


Does cool things on the wikia (+30)
We restarted (+30)

Aggressive past (-5)
We were at war (-10)
Edited my page without my permission (-15)
Former enemies (-20)

Insults us (-30)

Current relation: -35 (I dislike him)

It's excellent

Likes my series (+30)
Fatikan disliked his livestreams, I feel bad for him (+20)
"Devoted subscriber" (+10)

Ukranian, go Ukraine! (+5)

Current relation: 65 (Friends)


Friendly (+60)
On skype (+40)
Funny (+30)

Powerful (+25)
Gives me music for my videos (+20)

Did have fake subscribers (-20)
Friends with TropixInMinecraft (-30)

Current relation: 125 (Allies)


Best friends In real life! (+450)
Good videos (+50)

Current relations: 500 (Epic Pals)

Percy (ΙΧΩΡ Productions)

Seems friendly (+30)

Mapping movie! (+30)
Ok Videos (+25)

Current relations: 85 (Friends)


Good Videos (+40)
Seems Friendly (+10)
Is a jerk sometimes (-20)

Current relations: 30 (Friendly)

Turkish Viking (Batikan Bora)

Aggressive (-5)
Says that he is the best mapper when he isn't (-15)
Hates MrOwnerandPwner's videos (-20)
Disliked It's Excellent's Livestreams and started a dislike chain (-25)
Tried to intrude my allies' privacy (-30)
Hostile to... everyone. (-50)
I blocked him (-100)
Current relations: -245 (Sworn Enemies)

Trio Mapping

Claims to have oldest official nation (-10)
Says that he is the best mapper when he isn't (-15)
Lies about age (-15)
Not good videos (-20)
Immature sense of humor (-30)
Blames Ethan and I for everything (-30)
Attacked my allies and I (-60)
Advertised propoganda on his channel (-80)
Stupid (-80)
Alts Everywhere (-90)
Banned him (-100)
Called me a d*ckhead (-120)
Posted you know what on the wikia (-200)
Is happy that I'm going to die, wished cancer on my family (-100000)
Current relations: -100,760 (If I meet this kid in real life I would beat him up)


Mah Cousin (+1000)
Friends too (+250)
I might see him soon (+50)
Family reasons (-5)
Current relations: 1,295 (Great!)


Seems cool (+30)
Decent videos (+20)
Added Vordalkien (+10)
Tikolia (+5)

Current Relation: 65 (Friends)


Nice (+40)
Funny (+20)
I've seen his vids (+5)

Current Relation: 65 (Friends)

Inf4m0us Derphog

Nice (+30)
Allies (+30)

We do eu4 a lot (+20)
Funny (+10)

Current Relation: 90 (Allies)


Nice (+50)
We've done gaming together (+20)
Likes same video games that I do (+10)
Spams in skype after we tell him to stop (-10)

Current Relation: 70 (Friends)

Kavishan Mapping

Nice (+30)
His videos aren't bad (+10)
Current relations: 40 (Friends?)


Nice (+30)
Good vids (+20)
Funny (+10)
Probably the mapper with most fake subscribers (-50)
Current relations: 10 (Friendly)


Nice (+30)
Funny (+10)
Crazy (+10)
Current relations: 50 (Friends)


Nice (+30)
We talk in Skype A LOT (+30)
We played Minecraft together (+20)
We played EU4 together (+15)

Current Relation: 85 (Allies)

Artem Yakoylev

We've restarted (kinda?) (+30)
Had a fit on Skype (-20)
Possible Stalinist (-30)

Current relations: -20 (Uneasy)

Zombie Melon

Cool username (+3.14159265359)
Current relations: 3.14159265359 (._.)


Friendly (+30)
We talk on skype/chat (+10)
Brony (-10)
Current relations: 30 (Friendly)

TheOneLeggedFascist (TOLF)

Best friends In real life (+450)

My sucessor (+300)

I've been friends with him for over a decade (+200)

Great Guy (+100)

Current relations: 1050 (He's my sucessor)

(Former) Classmates

Some are nice (+10)
Some are smart (+10)
Active on skype, we keep in touch (+5)
Some bullied me (-10)
They think they're better than me (-10)

Current relations: 0 (Waht)


  • "Humans need to get a better grip on Earth, or else they will probably kill themselves to extinction"                            - Goldenrebel25's opinion of the human race
  • "SCREW A POTATO CHIP" - Goldenrebel's combined message of mappers fooling around on skype

  • "Why does this happen? Almost every single war, problem, and all bad things in the world trace back to greed. Everyone has it. Even the first actual war, Akkad vs Sumer, was based off of greed, where the Emperor of Akkad wanted to annex Sumer, for only his own good. Most wars have either been revenge or for one person's good. Why does it trace back to greed after all of that? Because it's human nature. No matter how many times we try to stop it, we can't. There is always some sort of terrorism or war or problem on this horrible world. People try to make excuses. But war, problems, revenge, they are all just code words for greed." - Goldenrebel25's speech from 6th grade about humanity
  • "I'm pretty happy that I live in a good part of the world." - Goldenrebel25's thankfulness that he has a pretty good life
  • "Not all monsters have fangs." -Goldenrebel
  • "You know all those people that teach you how to do things, right? And you appreciate it, right? I appreciate it until they tell my HOW to do it THEIR way. That's why I ignore tips. I do things my own way, how I want to do it, and nobody can stop me." -Goldenrebel about stuff
  • "You don't have to be sad about something, you can change your brain so it becomes neutral to whatever will happen, or maybe even happy. That's why I am not afraid of death. I accept it."  -Goldenrebel
  • "My life is pretty darn short, better make the best of it!" -Golden about life
  • Imagine if you could talk to some of the worst people that have lived on this planet, and you ask them, 'What have you done to contribute to the Earth?'  It's hard to think about what their answers could be." -Golden's thoughts
  • “They speak like bostonians with a lemon stuck down their throats” -Golden talking about people in Cape Cod

Where you can find him

Youtube: Goldenrebel25 Mapping, Rebelgames25, Goldenalternatehistory
Twitter: Goldenrebel25
Minecraft: Goldenrebel25
Call of Duty (All Black Ops, All Modern Warfare, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare): Goldenrebel25
This wiki: Goldenrebel25 (well what do you think?)
Nations Wiki: Goldenrebel25 Goldenrebel25
Atwar: Goldenrebel25
Funnyjunk: goldenrebel
Steam: goldenrebel25


LoL: Zawgit3
Forge of Empires: Goldenrebel25

Planetary Annihilation (BEST GAME EVER): GoldenRebel25

Spore  (USA): walkingman3

Banned :D

Goodgame Empire: walkingman3, walkingman4 walkingman3, walkingman4, walkingman2, Zawgit1, Zawgit2

Username History

2000-2004: None (I think I owned some mario games?)
2004-2005: Zagvw618
2005-2008: Zawgit1, Zawgit2, etc
2008:2011: walkingman3
2011-2012: The Villager King
2012: Evolutionexpert1
2012-2013: TheFriendlySlug682
2013-Now: Goldenrebel25

Mapping Dialect

  • Occupied territories similar to MOAP
  • Showing years on the map (personally created)
  • Battles (not uploaded yet)
  • Events (not uploaded yet)

Idiots that he has banned

Planned/Possible Projects

  • History of Vordalkien and Akkér by year
  • History of Ireland series
  • The War of Annihilation video every day
  • Mapperball movie?

Goldenrebel25 likes

  1. Mappin'
  2. Ireland (The REAL country, not "Northern Ireland")
  3. Homeschooling
  4. Good Mappers
  5. Tacos ._.
  6. Randomness (Paper airplane potato filled bazookas!)
  7. His friends
  8. His family (most of them...)
  9. Gaming
  10. Potatoes
  11. Potatoes
  12. Potatoes
  13. Not sure if I mentioned potatoes...
  14. Doctor Who
  15. Music (except for singing)
  16. Drawing
  17. Dubstep (some of it)
  18. Learning languages

Goldenrebel25 hates

(The list goes from hates the least to hates the most)

  1. Bad mappers
  2. Bad polandball makers
  3. Stale popcorn
  4. Kim Jong Uuuuun
  5. Putin
  6. People who don't know how to make a blog post after I tell them how
  7. People who pronnounce "celtic" like "seltic"
  8. Dictators
  9. Trying to sing
  10. Connacht
  11. People who comment mean things in his videos/content
  12. Fake Subscribers
  13. Bullies
  14. Batikan
  15. Hackers in video games
  16. Arcy
  17. Northern Ireland
  18. Nazis
  19. Opera Music
  20. England
  21. Racism
  22. Really religious people
  23. Stalinism
  24. People who hate Ireland
  25. Bees, wasps, and hornets (I have Apiphobia and have been stung by 2 wasps and 1 bee)
  26. Lactic acid sores
  27. Trio Mapping
  28. Cancer
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