Goldenrebel, guide of loyalty, was a descendant of Disturbedfan and 99Batran, making him a brother of Drex (Guide of Conflicts), but he is more like his father than his brother, because he likes tacos. Goldenrebel was almost becoming Admin, protector of mapperdonia, but Batikan took the throne instead. The only way that Golden could get his rightful place back, he had to procure his ancestor Disturbedfan's Golden Taco. He then set off to Finland with The Mappernautic Campaign. After a long journey, he finally reached the frozen lands of Finland and snuck into Disturbedfan's home, took the taco, and made his way back and became admin, blocking Batikan.

While Golden was eating the taco, some lettuce fell into the ocean and formed an island. He claimed the island as his own and called it Ireland. He then had a heir, EPP, and then he became king when Golden died. The Rebel lineage goes down to the current king of Ireland, Peadar702.

Story made by Golden.