Great Baltic Empire
Didžioji Baltijos Imperija
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Flag Coat of arms
"Even if we are divided, we are one big soul" - Emperor Severinas Macevičius.
Anthem of Baltic
Capital Vilnius
Languages Lithuanian (Official), Latvian, Estonian
Religion Christianity
Government Empire
 -  Emperor Florijonas II
Historical era Modern
Currency Baltic Dollar
Calling code +370
Internet TLD .bt

 Great Baltic Empire or GBE is nation created by Ingo Mapping and it is his official nation.

Motto: Even if we are divided, we are one big soul. - Emperor Severinas Macevicius.

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Flag of Great Baltic Empire (1st flag) By Imperialist Party

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Flag of the Great Baltic Empire (2nd flag) By Florijonas I


Coat of Arms of Empire



Lithuania: Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaite was killed by The Revolutionaries. Revolutionaries started The Seniunija, the new Congress of Parties.

Baltic: Imperial Party won and started a war against Polminsk. Baltic Won the War.

Great Baltic Empire: Oskaras Macevicius was elected as the Emperor. Had two sons: Severinas and Florijonas. Severinas was killed by a spy and Florijonas I Is still alive.



  1. Oskaras Macevicius (Died in a battle against Polminsk) (Oskaras I)
  2. Severinas Macevicius (Killed by a spy) (Oskaras II)
  3. Florijonas Macevicius (Still Reigns) (Florijonas I)
  4. Heir: Florijonas Macevicius II (Florijonas II)