Hellenic Republic
Ελληνική ΔημοκρατίαGR-GRK
Ellīnikī́ DīmokratíaGR-LAT
Flag of Greece.svg.png Coat of arms of Greece.svg.png
Flag Coat of arms
«Ελευθερία ή Θάνατος» (traditional)
"Freedom or Death"
«Ὕμνος εἰς τὴν Ἐλευθερίαν»
"Hymn to Liberty"
and largest city
   37°58′N 23°43′E
Official language
and national language
Demonym Greek
Religion Eastern Orthodoxy
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
 -  President Prokopis Pavlopoulos
 - Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras
 - Speaker of the Parliament Nikos Voutsis
Legislature Hellenic Parliament
Formation of the Republic
 - Independence declared from the Ottoman Empire 25 March 1821
15 January 1822
 - Recognized 3 February 1830
 - Current constitution 11 June 1975
 -  Total 131,957 km² (50,949 sq mi)
 -  2012 census 10,815,197 
     Density 82/km²  (212.3/sq mi)
GDP (PPP) 2014 estimate
 - Total $285.297 billion (51st)
 - Per capita $25,954 (44th)
GDP (nominal) 2014 estimate
 - Total $237.970 billion (44th)
 - Per capita $21,648 (38th)
HDI (2014) 0.865
Currency Euro (€) (EUR)
Time zone Eastern European Time (UTC+2)
 - Summer (DST) Eastern European Summer Time (UTC+3)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy (AD)
Drives on the right
Calling code +30
ISO 3166 code GR
Internet TLD .gr

Greece is one of the oldest nations in history. It started out small, but grew to one of the famous countries of ancient Europe. 



Farming reached Greece through Anatolia around 3000 BCE. In the 1900s, explorers on Crete found four palaces. Archaeologists believe that these were the capitals of early Greek civilizations. They also found evidence a war broke out between them. The kingdoms were united. However, in 1628 BCE, a volcanic eruption on the nearby island of Thera exploded the island, and created a tsunami that destroyed the coastal settlements. Then, the city-state of Mycenae conquered the island.

Mycenaeans and Greek Dark Ages

The Mycenaeans, with their new land, sacked the city-state of Troy on the Black Sea. However, other Greek tribes - most notable being the Dorians - invaded Mycenae and fully destroyed the kingdom. The period when Greek tribes were migrating into Greece from the north to the south and from west to east , are called the Greek Dark Ages .

Athens, Sparta, and Persia

Around 800 BCE, many small city-states emerged out of the Greek dark ages, and they flourished. The main states were Athens and Sparta. Then, Persia invaded Thrace, and the Greeks formed the Delican League to combat this threat. Athens is also the first known country to be democratic. With the Delican League, the Persians were expelled from Greece, but the Macedonians conquered all of Greece.

Alexander the Great

When his father died, Alexander took over Macedonia, which ruled over Greece, Macedonia and Thrace. He invaded the Persian Empire and conquered it. He advanced all the way to India! After his death though, his empire split into the states of Egypt, the Selecuids, and Macedonia.

Rome and the Byzantines

Macedonia supported Carthage against Rome during the Punic Wars, and Rome invaded in 196 BCE. Rome ruled parts Greece until the empire split, and it was ruled by the Byzantines until the early 1400s.

Ottomans and Independence

The new rulers of Greece, the Ottoman Empire, ruled Greece until 1821, when it revolted. It independence was recognised in 1830. Firstly Greece became a republic, by Ioannis Kapodisrtias, who unfortunately got assassinated in 1831 by anti-authoritarians. 2 Years later, became a kingdom after King Otto. And later lots of kings ruled Greece (George I, Constantine I...)

Greece Today

Greece aided Serbia and Bulgaria in the first Balkan war, but gained land from Bulgaria in the second. Greece sided with Britain and France in WWI, but remained neutral in WWII, until Italy invaded from Albania. Greece held out until Germany invaded in 1941. It was liberated by Britain in 1944. After WWII, there was a civil war between democrats and communists.The Democratics won and Greece joined NATO in 1952. On April 21st 1967, Sergeant Georgios Papadopoulos sided by his colleges established dictatorship. The people's disapproval was shown through protests. The pick of the demonstrations was the Politechnion takeover in November 15th-17th 1973, where many students took over the building and created a mini radio station, calling the people to revolt. The dictators sent a tank and army to disband the takeover. The dictatorship ended in 1974 and later the dictators got imprisoned (Papadopoulos died in 1999). When republic restored, because king Constantine II was in exile, a referendum took place, whose result was against monarchy, that was the official abolition of Greek Kingdom. In 1981, Greece officially joined the EU. Greece's currency is the Euro since 2002. Greece's major borrowing and low income has put in a tight economic position and high debt (currently €317 billion)

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They would take back Constantinople..... eventually.


  1. Greece recovers its economy. (Very Likely)
  2. Greece pwns Macedonia a.k.a FYROM (Likely)
  3. Greece attacks Turkey (Loses = Unlikely, Wins = XD)
  4. Greece becomes Muslim (lol about not possible)
  5. Greece becomes a Socialist or Communist because of debt (XD)
  6. Greece pwns the Balkan States (5% chance)
  7. Everything! (never ever will happen, no matter how hard I try)
  8. Greece murders tourists for money + Greece closes borders (same reason as last one) (woah)

Greece will remain stable and become a major world power after time. (so damn true)


Greece turns into a fascist state and attacks its neighbors with a victory (Very unlikely)

Greece's economy improves with time, and it starts becoming a notable, advanced western nation (Likely)


1. Greece with help from other Balkan states attack and conquer the Balkan Muslim or semi-Muslim states and Turkey (maybe)

2. Greece's borders stay like this, economy gets a little bit better but still weak (likely)

3. Greece gets conquered (very unlikely)

4. Greece becomes a Muslim republic (unlikely)


Greece suffers for a long time because of their bad economy and eventually (after many years) start paying back their debts. Hopefully. Other than that, Greece stays the same.


Greece stays like this (maybe) Greece pwns Macedonia (unlikely) Greece pwns Turkey (very unlikely) Greece kills more tourists because pay debt (XD)


Greece suffers from financial crisis for about 5-6 years. Meanwhile because of this situation and the Turkish threat (Western Thrace, Mosche in Athens-they wanted to give the money for the construction) Nationalist and National socialist movements began to rise.

Prince Starios

Greece gets Aegean coast of turkey and Istanbul,also Northern Epirus, with help of Russia and Serbia.!


After the splitting of Albania it gets its mainland, but weakened economy strongly after WWIII, and split by Macedonia, Albania, and autonomies. Athens, Sparta and Crete are only free Greek.


In early future Greece will attack Turkey and will win, but later - Turkish conquest of Greece.


It helps Cyprus in a war against Turkey and gets much land.


Greece dies and sinks completely (100000000000000000000% chance)


Greece retakes Constantinople, Smyrna, Nicea, Adrianople, Troy, and the rest of East Thrace and the Aegean Coast with the help of Russia, Serbia, Armenia, Kurdistan and Bulgaria. With the new tourism Boost, the economy is enough to Take Northern Eprius from Albania. They then Become friends with FYROM because FYROM changed their name to Paeonia-Vardaria. They then pay back their debts and everyone is happy.

Except Turkey.

Hellenic Mapper

Greece start war with Egypt and Greece conquest Alexandria, Cairo and all of Northern Egypt. After that Greece renames to Byzantine Republic.

Fyorrian Mapping

Greece collapses due to economic issues. Albania, Macedonia and Turkey carve up the remainder of the land.

Greco-Slavic war

The Greeks and the Macedonians Develop good until the Kosovo wars(2017-2019) when Macedonia joins the Serb side. On 2022 Greece invades Macedonia. Greece is banned from the EU and Turkey helps FYROM. Turkey gets Komotini. On December, Bitola is gained by the Greeks mean while they lose Kavaia. 2023 Serbians send 100,000 troops to attack Seres. On February Bitola is regained.Macedonia gets Thessaloniki and Greece surrenders.Treaty is signed, Greece loses land.

Macedonia and Greece have a new war

Greco-Slavic war 2

Zagoria is gained by The Macedonian Empire which over throws the republic and Greece falls 6 cities until they surrender.


Greece retake West coast of Turkey, recreate Byzantium.

Kebab Master Lel

Greece kills FYROM, Albania, and turkey and becomes the Socialist Greek Empire but Zintonuim declares independence and conquers Greece.


In 2018, they end the financial crisis and grows their very strong army to conquer the lost Greek lands.

In 2020s, they take European Turkey and Northern Epirus from Albania but then one year later after the conquest of Constantinople, FYROM annexes Macedonia because Greece has a weakened army after a strong military strategy and lots of casualties to allow conquer Constantinople, meaning 200,000 of them were killed during the conquest and 150,000 for Turks.

The capital is Constantinople in 2030s. Mainland Greece (without Macedonia), Northern Epirus and Constantinople is the only part of Greece and have bitter relations with FYROM over Thessaloniki (FYROM: Solun/Солун), because the Slavic Macedonians want to rewrite the true history of Macedonia.


In March 2018 during the economic boom (rise) Greece rocketed out of debt and the government is now being careful not to crash back down (again)and so seeks to amend ways with Turkey, In May 2018 during when Cyprus is re-united Turkey was offered a EU application but refuses claiming that Greece and Turkey will be forming a union, in August 2018 Greece and Turkey unite to create the Republic of Hellenia.


Greece recaptured Istanbul and renamed it to Constantinople. Then Greece and Serbia wanted to reunite Balkans, captured Bulgaria and united to Greekoslavia.


Greece becomes communist after a coup. After this, it becomes stronger and has way better economy. Later it restores Byzantium.


In 2018 three Macedonias (West, Central and East plus Thrace) organised a referendum to join Parbounli People Republic. All territories to the east from River Axios except Aton voted to join PPR because they voted more than 50% YES. All joined territories were united to Autonomous Prefecture of Macedonia, later became one of 3 states.