This empire is MrAmericanMapper's official nation. It spanned from Slovenia to Yemen to western Kazakhstan and Pakistan.

Name: Greek Alexandrian Empire


Greek Alexandrian Empire
Greek Alexandrian Empire Poster

Languages: Greek, Russian, Arabic

Government: Empire, capitalist

Capital: Athens

Personality: aggressive, cunning, logical, arrogant, very specific, fair

Ethnic Groups: Greek 38%, Russian 32%, Arabic 25%, Other 5%

Currency: Drachmas (euro unofficially)

Motto: When you are up against me, inferiority is your only friend.

Founded: 2077 A.D.

Ended: 2721 A.D. Early Propaganda Poster in 3rd Balkan war



Season 1

After declaring war on Albania and starting the third Balkan War Greece invaded the middle east and expanded into Afghanistan. Once the European continental war was over, Greece annexed parts of Russia and conquered all countries that were on China's western border, except for Kazakhstan and India.

Wars: 3rd Balkan War: Annexes N.Epirus, Turkey, and Cyprus Flag:

Greek Alexandrian Empire flag
For MrAmericanMapper 2
2nd Greek Alexandrian Empire flag

Colonial War: Conquers Middle East and Afghanistan

Continental war: Annexes Caucasus and reaches eastern Pakistan

Greco-Romo war: gains control of black sea

Eastern war: Penetrates Further into Romoldova and borders Iberia

Greco-Kazak Crimean war: conquers western Kazakhstan and southern Ukraine before falling due to many internal revolutions.

Season 2

Taking a step back from the spotlight the GAE re-emerged as Athenia. Founding the Balkan alliance he slowly gained power in the region but nothing like the expansion seen in season 1. As he had progressed in the season he had become a regular slowly dictating events in his favor. At least thats what it looks like.... after the world war with Serbia's ambiguous master he was a nation who had retreated to the new world believing the earth to be inhospitable in the aftermath. He now borders China and Aramicia. On this alien world he has become far more imperialistic, reasons to be disclosed soon....

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