Halla is a nation in Europe. it own to Moldova south Romania east Hungary and south Ukraine. Halla may be not that powerful but it does have a strong economy and has a coast on the Black Sea. 


Flag of Halla


​Halla started has a Rebel in Moldova they wanted a new government so they started a revolution in the East Moldova. The rebel started off small but slowly gained more power 3 days later the march to Moldova capital soon the Moldova army couldn't fight for long and the president was shot dead. Moldova's army surrendered and they won the new president was Jonathan Smith who promised to make Halla great again. Soon there economy was strong but there army was quite weak so they traded with other nations for weapons. Two years later the third Balkan war broke out and Romania join the Balkan powers. Romania was almost destroyed by Russia, Greece and Serbia. This was Halla's chance to become strong so they dashed through north quickly before the allies came it. Later the third Balkan war was over and Halla got the land they deserve. Everyone was pleased and Halla gained power 3 years later. They gained little bit of east Hungary by paying for it everything was doing quite well for Halla. 5 years later Russia invaded Ukraine and Halla was pleased to help and they gained most of the land. Luckily, Russia wasn't bothered and they managed to get away with it. End of story


  • ​Halla lived from 2016 to 2026.
  • ​Halla's economy was so well it was the 21th country with the best economy
  • ​Halla's allies were Hungary and Slovakia
  • ​Halla does suffer from dirty streets and dam rivers