The wiki war lasted from June 15 to June 17. This war is also nicknamed, the "Do-Nothing War"


See: Who?


Before the War

When Ethan still hates Happy, few came along. The people continues to hate until finally it becomes a great Cold War. Few are supporters of Happy while almost the rest of the wiki supports MOAP.

Day I - Beginning

MOAP sent a warning to Happy that he is a threat, then a few came along. Ecpatter joined Happy's side to stop Ethan's aggressiveness to Ecpatter.

Day II - Surrender

Ethan declare his negotiations to Ecpatter, his terms were:

  • Recognising Trio Alliance.
  • Start to make friendly relations to Ecpatter.
  • Stop making aggressiveness to new mappers.

Thumboy sent an ultimatum to Ecpatter as a result of his Ecpatter's actions.

Meanwhile, Batikan vandalised the whole wiki by putting "FTW" because he wants to be blocked. Batikan's HUE is disbanded.

The new Peace Treaty is created by MOAP and sent it to Happy.

Day III - Ambition

Ethan declared war again against Happy.

Nothing happens.


Ethan and Happy still hate each other.

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