The allies are light grey and the dark green is Hengenzig.




No information


Ferilisian (made by: Sir Edmund III the Terrible and modified Italian)








Messina (formerly: 2133-2139), Palermo







The Holy Order of Hengenzig (Pronounced: Henn-gen-zeig [currently unknown pronoucement but an estimate]) is an post-Naples Empire back in the Renaissance Era. The capital is Palermo. It is also the only #122 in the rank of economy due to it's income crisis of the people's malls and shops convert into military camps to maintain higher into spending over 5000 paleros.

Their camps will be converted back into shops and malls until the Roman Annexation of SEU ends. The government is nearly anarchy since their unstable.


Nothing to be used in a little type of the small empire.

The offical flag, likely, it's still under the Holy Order resistance, really.


The Casablancan Empire is lading a world disorder and spread with rebels and never obey he rules of the Casablancan Empire, soon in 2103, Casablanca was been nearly all collapsed, that leads China to take over Europe.

SEU and REU affect

Setting Tunis and Varna as their new ally, Constae Kingdom had no ideas to do with neutrality, their ally Lyon and Bilbao Confederation into a socialism order of the Sealandic Code a721. The recent attacks wipe off the Swiss Empire making the Hengenzian Empire unstable, Litreora Gerona has been lead a disaster on a history finanical crisis.

Roman Feudalism

After the Romans have been restored, the SEU declare war on the REU, the Romans fought towards Naples which create a more closer, the Pope is been elected to create another crusade which is known as the Eleventh Crusade which lead a new religion of Byzantine Catholicism.

The Holy Order is fallen, the most likely, the pope was been halted in the half of Vatican City area is been erased from the map and broked the Pope leadership until the Catholicism is fallen and moved to the city of Istanbinple (formerly Istanbul) is now the new holy city than Rome.

Language Formation?

Main page: Ferilisian

Military and Culture


Useless military at the begining formerly there is only 1000 soldiers and 5 generals, each soldier holds 500 people in safety and their onlly generals are on famous is Derfrel, which he also became the leader after Litreora's death. The revolts on the empire is unstable for now, it's military is only the plugging the tanks is the invent, which only production


Nearly the finance is falling into <200 palero which lead the empire bankrupt when collecting the income, now it's rising back after the peace is happended, the tourism is producing money for the profit due to it's commands of the new airline in the Hengenzigian Empire of the Grand Preminium Aiirlines.


The corruption seem to fallen down due to it's low military but the culture is used and produced on opera houses, the rate is at 50% influence to toher nations, altough the average influence to Europe is 41% and the world is rather 19%.

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