Hezer Empire is a country from JMathias' AFoE serie. It's a constitutional monarchy and its language is Bosnian.


Bosnia Civil War

On 2020, tensions rised in Bosnia and Hezergovina because the government supported USS revolution. Near 46% of the population didn't approve it. But when unification negociations started, a civil war started and the country was divided in New Bosnia (pro-USS) and Hezergovina (anti-USS)

Albont War

After New Bosnia declare war on Croatia, Hezergovina declared war on Albania and Montenegro, because it didn't want to be smaller than its rival New Bosnia. The war ended when Albania and Montenegro were totally conquered by Hezergovina, ignoring USS orders to stop.

Hezergovina-Kosovo War

One week after Albont War end, Hezergovina invaded Kosovo and Macedonia. Serbia didn't accept this and declared war on Hezergovina, and Kosovo was annexed 15 days after it.The war ended one month after, when Serbia surrended.

Hezer War

After Win Hezergovina-Kosovo War, Hezergovina changed the name to Hezer Empire, with the most powerful army in Europe. When Monaco and San Marino purchased Corsega, Hezer allied with them. New Bosnia didn't approve and declared war on Hezer. With Russia, Ireland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Denmark, Andorra, Monaco and San Marino help, Hezer smashed Serbia, New Bosnia and Slovakia in only 2 months. The Hezer Empire now is soberane on Balkans.

Monaco War

Hezer Empire joined Monaco war with its ally (Russia, Poland, Ireland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Denmark, Andorra, Monaco and San Marino) and fought in France, Germany and Spain.  After Gremany, Spain, France, UK, Austria and Italy surrender, Hezer Empire attacked Greece seeking unificate Balkans. But Greece survived and surrended. After it, Greece and Hezer became Sword Enemies.

Nazi War II

Hezer Empire couldn't stop nazi invasion from North, and lost 40% of its land. When Nazi Gremany fell, it gained a bit more land.

Great European War

Hezer Empire fought with its ally in this War. Hezer tasks:
Hezer flag

Hezer Empire Flag

  • Invade Bluddots
  • Use Bluddots to invade all nations near
  • Invade South Espags
  • Invade Espags
  • Invade southern France
  • Invade European Turkey
  • Join Russia in Crimea
  • Invade Western Tremar

Hezer Empire was invaded by Greece and lost a lot of land when war ended. After Poland betray and destroy Russia, Hezer allied with Broug, a new russian country.


Today, Hezer Empire have the second biggest army in Europe (behind Espags), and with good economy

(The serie isn't finished yet, this may change)
Hezer polandball

Hezer Empire Polandball

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