Hispania (red) and allies (ligh red)

Hispania is a nation from Drexmapper's Alternate history of Europe.


The history of Hispania begun when Cordoba attacked Asturecia, Navarra, Aragon and Catalonia. Against that menace, that countries decided to merge together forming Hispania, which easily defeated Corduba. Then, Hispania invaded the Fatimids (defeating them too).


Hispania occupies the modern countries of France, Andorra, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar (UK), Morocco, Argelia, Tunisia and Libya. Hispania is trying to create a colony in other universe.

Economy and military


Flag of Hispania

After destroying Corduba and the Fatimids, Hispania's economy is growing a lot. In the next episode of AHOE (which should be uploaded today or tomorrow), Hispania becomes the first military power, but with a weak economy compared to other big countries. Hispania allied with Byzantium to destroy Islam in Europe.

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