The history of Avajatar kinda goes like this -

2007 - Discovers YouTube

2008 - (Nothing really happened apart from Youtube binges)

2009 - Thinks about making a channel

2010 - 2012 - Once again, nothing happened

23rd January 2013 - Youtube channel made!

6th October 2013 - First video upload (Minecraft, and I deleted it)

4th January 2014 - Uploads on a regular basis

Sometime during May 2014 - Realises that no-one watched his channel

June 2014 - Deletes all videoes

September 2014 - Discovered mapping, but never got into it

October 2014 - Rediscovers mapping

October 10th 2014 - Uploads first mapping video

October 11th 2014 - Uploads second mapping video, then joins The Future of Europes wiki (this place)

October 12th 2014 - Uploads third mapping video, and reached 15 subs (mentioned in video)

Somtime during the night - Hits 20 subs

October 13th 2014 - First day back at school, probably no more daily uploads

Future - maybe 250 subs?

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