The Mapping Channels were former extensions of the Mapperdonian Chat on Skype. They often collapsed and were replaced by new iterations, eventually stabilizing with Mapping Channel 6.0, which lasted over two years until Skype eventually got phased out in favor of Discord. Several unofficial chats were also created alongside the official Mapping Channels.

Main Mapping Channels

Mapping Channel 1.0

  • Current name: Mapping Chat
  • Summer 2013 - Early 2014
  • Milestone: About 6 Months
  • Arguments/Flame Wars Count: About 200 - 600?
  • Max Population: About 10

It was Created when Zukas, Zephyrus, 99batran, etc. Got together and made a group chat. It was called the Mapping Chat. Its population extent was approximately 30 people. Its downfall is when Goldenrebel refuses to be in the same chat as GanDaiMe11. So we had to prepare a splinter chat called the Mapping Channel 1.5 (now known as 2.5). However, the 1st chat is still being held but eventually in Q2 2014 people left for the Mapping Channel 2.0

Mapping Channel 2.0

  • Current Name: Mapping Channel 2.0
  • ???, 2014 - about May 25?, 2014
  • Milestone: About 3 months
  • Arguments/Flame Wars count: About 100?
  • Max Population: About 20

It was created for unknown reasons, It was also eventually abandoned because SuperMind1337 created his own chat to become admin also the fact that there are too many non-mappers in there.

Mapping Channel 3.0

  • Current Name: Mapping Channel 3.0
  • ???, 2014 - May 23, 2014
  • Milestone: About 1 week
  • Arguments/Flame Wars count: 2
  • Max Population: About 120 (100 = Spammed Accounts)

It was created by SuperMind1337 because of too many nonmappers in Mapping Channel 2.0. It didn't even took a second deep breath as it was abandoned because of Zukas spamming fictionally created accounts on there (about a max of 100). It is also known for its Account Spam Wars.

Mapping Channel 4.0

  • Current Name: (Various Names like: "Arcy is Fat", "Happy is fat", "Fatikan", "Putin is best president", "Heil Jabril", "Mapping Channel 999999999999999999999999999", "Trio sucks") Mapping Channel 4.0
  • Early 2014 - June 30th 2014
  • Milestone: Over 3 Months
  • Arguments/Flamewars Count: 50-200?
  • Max Pop: 30 (Current Pop: 24)

It was another Channel created by SuperMind1337 to flee the terror of Fictional Account Army Spam created by Zukas. Since this chat has more people than most, it is known for Title/Topic Wars and Picture Wars. Spam Wars evolved into Title/Topic Wars and Picture Wars. On May 28th It has a new thing called "Yo Mama Wars". It also the first known chat to have admins to keep account spam at a minimum level so it could enable voice chats. Unfortunately it was abandoned on June 30th 2014 because of Voice Chat Spam that makes it glitched.

Mapping Channel 5.0

  • Current Name: Mapping Channel 5.0
  • June 30th 2014 - March 12th, 2015 (Official)
  • Milestone: 8.5 months (Official)
  • Arguments/Flamewars Count: ~1000-1200
  • Max Pop: 33 (Overpopulated, Official); 51 (August 2015 Revival)
  • Admins: None

Created when the Mapping Channel 4.0 was glitched. This chat is planned to be spam free, it has experiened some success with spam control. But some argues that they should be free to spam, but several people complained of lag due to spam. 

People in this chat tend to abuse the title every now and then, some claims they accidently left the chat because they didn't recognize the title. It has experienced several take overs. Notably those such as Zukas who established himself as dictator of the chat before he was overthrown by SuperMind and Batran. Twice. 

It is notable for being the most active mapping channel. With over 2000 Messages within almost every 6 hours, Also kicks, a lot of kicking people [maybe because of video chat], Roleplay names, and Jabril. 

It became dead when the admins had left the chat, then there were no admins on the chat. The chat was destroyed by constantly changing the name of the Mapping Channel which was creating lots of lag for many people. This was the reason why people moved on to the Mapping Channel 6.0. Shortly after dying, Mapping Channel 5.0 was taken over by Monsoonjr99, and renamed to the MSL (Mapperdonian Skype Legion). Monsoonjr has since declared himself dictator of the MSL. On June 3rd, 2015, the MSL was disbanded by Area 5.0 after losing a war. Area 5.0 soon died when the channel became popular again. It was spammed with "PONIESPONIESPONIES" and "Duck and Cover" on June 14th, 2015. Since then, the name has been spammed A LOT, but it is usually named "Mapping Channel 5.0." In late August 2015, Mapping Channel 5.0 became more active than Mapping Channel 6.0 after lots of accounts were added in a recent spam war.

It is remembered for Batran renaming it to "Mapping Channel 5.0" ALL THE TIME.

Mapping Channel 6.0

  • Current Name: Mapping Channel 6.0
  • March 12th, 2015 - October 7th, 2017
  • Milestone: 31 months
  • Arguments/Flamewars Count: 800-1000
  • Max Pop: 67
  • Admins: Tolf(Former), Batran, and Pezminer12.

The Mapping Channel was created when the Mapping Channel 5.0 got inactive, and people didn't enjoy it anymore. Created by Guld, over 350 messages in less than in hour, it is the most active Mapping Channel currently. After Gold left, he let Tolf own the channel and he still owns it today. On May 14th, 2015, the Bolsheviks won the Mapping Channel 6.0 Communist Revolution, creating the Mapping Channel 6.0 Soviet Socialist Republic, but the next day it went back to normal. On March 12th, 2016, Mapping Channel 6.0 became the first Mapping Channel to last for 1 year. It then slowly lost activity over the next 1.5 years until Discord usurped Skype on October 7th, 2017 as the TFOE Wikia's preferred official external chat service.

Splintered Channels

Mapping Channel 1.5


Not much is known about it but both it and Mapping Channel 1.0 was active during their time. It was eventually abandoned not before calling it Mapping Channel 2.5 for some reason.

Video Call Mappers


Mainly abandoned chat. It was intended to be for mappers who wants to use Video Chat.

New World Series Planners

Planners for the New World Series page.

Potato Chat

This is where EU4 players gather usually, and we have a call here.

Unofficial Mapping Channel (The Only True Chat)

  • Current Name: The Only True Chat
  • October 2014-20th October 2014? (1 week)
  • Arguments/Flamewars count: 1-5
  • Max Population: 11

Unknown, but was created by Ironhand21 and later sunburn came and talked here occasionally. It was abandoned later on.

Mapping Channel 6.0 (Backup)

  • Current Name: Mapping Channel 6.0 (Backup)
  • May 3rd, 2015 - ???
  • Arguments/Flamewars count: 1
  • Max Population: 46
  • Admins: Pez, Mind, Batran, Thunder and TNTBobby

This Mapping Channel was created by Pezminer12 as a safety backup channel just in-case something happened to Mapping Channel 6.0, like a big flame war, user impersonation, adding Enemies of the Wikia's skype accounts, or etc. On June 10th, 2015, Thunder added tons of people to the chat, including Aendarus, who added even more. Soon, a massive name changing conflict ensued with names such as "Mapping Channel 7.0" and "TNT Channel 1.0" as well as some other, inappropriate, names. A flamewar happened in this chat, ironically what Pez didn't want. On September 5th, 2015, TheBronyPenguin says the chat isn't needed because Mapping Channel 6.0 is strong, and leaves. Soon, other mappers start leaving, and on September 9th, 2015, Batran changes the chat name to "/leave", and Monsoonjr99 declares the chat "ded" for himself. However, Pez, noticing this, changes the topic back to: "Mapping Channel 6.0 (Backup)". Chat

  • Current Name: (EU Server = Turkish takeover) true
  • May 30th, 2015 - ???
  • Arguments/Flamewars Count: 10
  • Max Population: 35

This Channel was created by MapperOfNorthAmerica because he wanted a mapping channel for both mappers and non-mappers. It was soon spammed by Aendarus Mapping so much that TNTBobby's computer bluescreened, resulting in him losing all his progress on his latest mapping video. Lots of people were added to the channel, and it was soon turned into an chat.

Failed Map Game Chat

  • June 5th, 2015 - June 10th, 2015
  • Arguments/Flamewars Count: ~20
  • Max Population: 40
  • Admins: Thunder, Tolf, TheBronyPenguin, Thunder's Second Account, Re Direct, TNlsg and Galactic

A map game chat that was fine until someone added a ton of people. The people were then removed and the chat renamed to "DUCKISH AND ANTIBRONISH EMPIRE."

Spanish for beginners

  • Current Name: Dutch for Beginners
  • June 11th, 2015 - ???
  • Arguments/Flamewars: None
  • Max Population: 10
  • Admins: GalacticPenguin

A chat created by Galactic in order to teach people spanish when someone change the name to German for Beginners and other languages. 2.0

  • Current Name: 2.0
  • June 4th, 2015 - ???
  • Arguments/Flamewars: None
  • Max Population: 25
  • Admins: Aen

It was a second version of but made by Aen to be lag free.

Mapping Station 2.2

  • Current Name: Mapping Station 2.2
  • April 25th, 2015 - ???
  • Arguments/Flamewars: 1
  • Max Population: 40
  • Admins: Drex, Galactic, Moap, TNTBobby

A chat created by MapperofNorthAmerica and Galactic. It was meant to be a mapping channel but without swearing. After MapperofNorthAmerica quieted mapping it became a swear free channel.


  • Current Name: VideoMappersChat
  • 2014? - ???
  • Arguements/Flamewars: ???
  • Max Population: 35
  • Admins: Drex

This was a chat created by Drex so Historical mappers had a place to talk. It was intended for Historical Mappers only. But several other mappers manage to join like: Thunder, Aen, Yigit and Thumboy.

Mapping Station 2.3

  • Current Name: Mapping Station 2.3
  • August 7, 2015 - ???
  • Arguments/Flamewars: 0
  • Max Population: 30
  • Admins: MapperofNorthAmerica and Thunder

A chat created by MapperofNorthAmerica (Mona) and Thunder because Mona couldn't join Mapping Station 2.2 this one was meant to be without swearing.

Gaming Channel 1.0

  • Current Name: Gaming Channel 1.0
  • August 28, 2015 - ???
  • Arguments/Flamewars: 0
  • Max Population: 15
  • Admins: MapperofNorthAmerica

It was a channel created by MapperofNorthAmerica, CreepyCheetah (A friend of Mona and Thunder) and TNT. It was intended to be for playing and originally it was called Chat 3.0. But soon was changed after people started playing other names. Not much is know about this chat because it only has 4 people 2 of which are active on the wiki (Thunder and TNTBobby)

Cards Against Humanity Chat

  • Current Name: Cards Against Humanity Chat
  • August 21, 2015 - ???
  • Arguments/Flamewars: 0?
  • Max Population: 15
  • Admins: ReDirect, TheBronyPenguin and Phoenix

A channel created by TheBronyPenguin, ReDirect and Phoenix to "play" Cards Against Humanity. However no actual playing has been done.

Jewish Mapper Chat

  • Current Name: Jewish Mapper Chat
  • August 28, 2015 - Present
  • Arguments/Flamewars: 0
  • Max Population: 5
  • Admins: GalacticPenguinTV

A channel created by GalacticPenguinTV as a private chat for Jewish Mappers.

Maps for Mappers (.pdn & .psd) Chat

  • Current Name: Ryan - Jonah Channel 1.0
  • August 29, 2015 - August 29, 2015 (6 hours)
  • Arguments/Flamewars: 1
  • Max Population: 33
  • Admins: Monsoonjr99, Evergreen Mapping

A channel created by Monsoonjr99 for distributing .pdn and .psd files ( and Photoshop layered images) because they cannot be uploaded to the wiki. Because Monsoonjr added all the mappers in his contact list to the chat, it instantly got tons of hate. After only 6 hours, Monsoonjr kicked everyone except Evergreen Mapping from chat and converted the channel into a private chat for Monsoonjr and Evergreen.

Spam Chat

  • Current Name: Thousands of Messages, Thousands of SPAM
  • September 20, 2015 - ???
  • Arguments/Flamewars: 1
  • Max Population: ~25
  • Admins: None, Asdf (formerly)

A channel created by Asdf for his friends. Originally called "Asdf's Posse". Gerrard and Empror then started spamming the name and picture, which snowballed into Mapperdonia's greatest spam war of 2015. After about half an hour of spamming, things eventually calmed down. Thousands of messages were spammed in the war.

Mapperdonian Fanfic Club

  • Current Name: Mapperdonian Fanfic Club - Now featuring: "An Ionic Bond" by Aen RED
  • November 28, 2015 - ???
  • Arguments/Flamewars: 0
  • Max Population: 15
  • Admins: Aen RED, The Thundar Mapper, Asdf Lama

A channel created by EvergreenMapping for Mapperdonian fanfictions. It turned into a sexual/horny group when multiple Mappers, including Aendarus Mapping, MrNTRDude, and EmprorCheesecakes began to post sexual fanfictions and pictures. However, the group is disliked by many, due to its obsession of sexual topics. However, the Mappers in the group defend the group, saying that they don't do that often.

TheMapperWeb Chat

it is created by Infinity Mapping

Other Chats

6 = Operations.

4 = Random Chats (notably the Potato chat where it gets renamed)

Skype Factions

These are factions on skype (not wiki factions).

MSL (Mapperdonian Skype Legion)

MSL (Mapperdonian Skype Legion)
Mapperdonian Skype Legion Flag
Motto: Stronker is better!


March 13th, 2015 (Friday the 13th)


June 3rd, 2015




Mapping Channel 5.0, CLU (Canada Lover Union), the Fifth, Fifth Legion

Founded by Monsoonjr99 out of the remnants of Mapping Channel 5.0 on March 13th, 2015 (Friday the 13th). It was originally named the CLU (Canada Lover Union), but was renamed just over an hour later to the MSL because Monsoonjr wanted MOAR STRONK. Monsoonjr soon declared himself dictator of the MSL. On May 30, 2015, the MSL went to war with Area 5.0. The war ended on June 3, 2015, and the MSL was disbanded after the Mapping Channel 5.0 Peace Accords were signed.


  • Monsoonjr99 (Founder, Dictator)
  • Some other people who hadn't left Mapping Channel 5.0.

Skype Wars

Not Wiki Wars

Mapping Channel 6.0 Communist Revolution

MC6.0 Communist Revolution


0102 UTC 05/14/2015


0423 UTC 05/14/2015


Monsoonjr, Bolsheviks


VoidViper, Casetaira, Fedex, Izzoboetam




MC6.0 is taken over and transformed into the MC6.0SSR

A communist revolution in MC6.0 started by Monsoonjr. It started at 0102 UTC May 14th, 2015, and ended at 0423 UTC. Monsoonjr created the Bolsheviks, whose goal was to take over Mapping Channel 6.0. Casetaira has repeatedly beat the Bolsheviks back, although they kept coming back. They reached a peak occupation of 50% in the first wave. Eventually, the Bolsheviks retreated to their secret hideout in 1995 North Korea, planning to return and take over MC6.0. The Bolsheviks then returned to continue their invasion of MC6.0 in a second wave, reaching 90% occupation before getting nulled, and returning to their hideout in 1995 North Korea. Then the Bolsheviks came back for a third wave, finally winning and creating the Mapping Channel 6.0 Soviet Socialist Republic. The next day, however, the chat returned to normal.

MSL - Area 5.0 War

The Brony Penguin establishes "Area 5.0" in the Mapperdonian Skype Legion chat (former Mapping Channel 5.0). Monsoonjr renames the chat back to "MSL (Mapperdonian Skype Legion)," but TBP renames it back to Area 5.0. On May 30, 2015, Monsoonjr declares war on Area 5.0, beginning the MSL - Area 5.0 War. The chat name is spammed by Monsoonjr, TBP, and MrAmericanMapper. MAM renames the chat to "Ur all fags." A cease fire is soon declared, and lasts for about 12 hours. The cease fire breaks down, but people are inactive, so Batran renames the chat to "Mapping Channel 5.0." The war continued with a few more battles until a peace treaty was agreed upon on June 3, 2015, ending the war and hosting a vote to disband either Area 5.0 or the MSL. After the MSL was voted to be disbanded, Monsoonjr drafted the Mapping Channel 5.0 Peace Accords, which disbanded the MSL and gave Area 5.0 sovereignty over MC5.0 after it had been signed by Monsoonjr, The Brony Penguin, and Redirect.

Spam War of 9/20

In Asdf's Posse channel, on September 20, 2015, Empror and Gerrard start spamming, which gets out of control and becomes the largest Mapperdonian spam war of 2015 in Skype. Thousands of messages are spammed in just 30 minutes.