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List of Pages

Chapter I: Early Universe (13.8bya-4.4bya)

  • The Big Bang
  • Lepton Era (Coloured)
  • Atoms (Coloured)
  • Quasi Stars (Coloured)
  • First Stars (Coloured)
  • First Galaxies
  • Solar Disk?
  • Formation of Earth?
  • Theia
  • Formation of the Moon

Chapter II: Precambrian (4.4bya-2.5bya)

  • Late Bombardment Generation
  • The Origins of Water
  • First Oceans
  • Early Move of the Continents
  • Cellular Formation
  • Evolution
  • Stromatolites

Chapter III: Multicellular (2.5bya-800mya)

Description: The cells will face some dangerous events from the Great Oxindation Event to Snowball Earth.

  • Great Oxidation Event
  • Algol Mats (cut)
  • Grand Canyon
  • Multicellular Period (cut?)
  • Reproduction Cells (cut)
  • Rodinia

Chapter IV: Snowball Earth (800mya-550mya)

Description: In cold years, yet organisms have to survive throughout the Snowball world.

  • Snowball Earth
  • Spriggina
  • Dickinsonia
  • Fossils
  • Tribrachidum
  • End of the Snowball Earth

Chapter V: Cambrian Period (550mya-500mya)

Description: Simple creatures are created in the world. Snow ends and a new evolutionary path begins. Estimate completion: 1st July, if I used Wikipedia (not going to happened unless I do the creature list) it will reduce to 30th June.

  • Cambrian Explosion
  • Burgess Shale
  • Trilobites
  • Marrella (current)

Chapter VI: Ordovician Period (500mya-440mya)

Chapter 200: 2014

I would die when I finish this. Because it is finished around 2090 and pass on to my grandsons... Old pages stays old, new is more different to the old. Because time value slowed down if I do wikia and all of that stuff. This will be book 120-140.

Chapter 210: The Far Future

This will be finished at 2102. With advanced info, it will be accurate.