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Peaceful Era

Middle 2012

  • The wiki is founded. (Sep 2012?)
  • Mappers were now attracting to the wiki for a better discussion rather chat in YouTube.
  • ArceusFan joined in the wiki.

Late 2012

  • Campaigns had started to making tensions by Ethan.
  • First Wiki War.

Age of Warfare

Early 2013

  • Second Wiki War.
  • Conflicts are rising due to Ethan's hatred to ArceusFan.

Middle 2013

  • The Council is founded.
  • Ethan was annexed and became a vassal.
  • MrOwnerandPwner created a wiki purpose had started.
  • The Council is disbanded.
  • MrOwnerandPwner had created a wiki called Mapping Wiki. (Sep 2013)

Age of Independence

Late 2013

  • MrOwnerandPwner had first blocked a mapper called ArceusFan.
  • The TFOE wiki decays.
  • Mapping Community is founded to the purpose of ArceusFan. (Oct 2013)

Ethan's Prediction

Fallout Era

Late 2013

  • The TFOE Wiki is closed redirecting either two sucessors and the warfare zone wiki.
  • Within days the Mapping Community and Mapping wikis are now collapsing due to crisis of the wiki shutdown to the problems of having 99batran in each wiki.

Early 2014

  • After many years, they refounded the wiki to the Mapperpedia wiki.
  • Many mappers had been re-attracted to find their way into a new era together.
  • The mapper breaked into a new group called Mapper's Community.

Middle 2014

  • A war brew out, three mappers battled to the old wiki and fought around sixty mappers and now the Mapper's Community is captured.
  • The mapper explorers founded the long lost TFOE wiki and let 99batran to create them into admins as successors of the TFOE wiki.
  • Many mappers founded the Southern Mapper Union to count their own hemisphere in the south.
  • The pages will reach about 400 in the Mapperpedia.
  • People leaved the wiki as known as the Mapper Plague which lets anti-mappers to capture lots of mappers.

The Great War

Late 2014

  • Anti-Mappers are created the wiki called Anti-Mapper wiki using the copied pages as spam and edit it as vandalism.
  • Mappers fight with the ntiMappers as a brwaling 156 and the weak 50, most of them had to be surrendered.
  • New group is called The East Mapper Confederation and the leader will manage anti-mapper sabotage.

Early 2015

  • The war had forced new videos into booming area to make a new publishment to the whole Internet slowly turning them into mappers.

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