Possible next season name, The Ihychen Code, named after the Cardalanorn emperor.

And BCE meas Before Common Era.

Season I: The Cercavus Code

Named after the cacrun emperor just made by me.

Episode I: Humans Emerged (5 million years BCE to 4.9 million years BCE)

When the humanity is emerged, few of the men are coming to get into the push of been intelligent, meanwhile other primitives are evolving in Africa also, Charles Darwin (Narrator) (the reason I chose him because of the theory on evolution is improved) was not sure what they are doing but he will see soon.

Episode II: When a new Genus named Homo appears (4.9 million years BCE to 3 million years BCE)

The new species named the homo habilis has been evolved, as the other prmitives are fighting each other, they migrate to Africa.

Episode III: Rise of the Homo erectus (3 million years BCE to 1.8 million years BCE)

Charles Darwin (narrator) sat down and finds out that the species of Homo habilis becomes homo erectus, the one who created the fire, the other species are diminishing and that species has migrated to the Middle East.

Episode IV: The Rivals of Domination (1.8 million years BCE to 1 million year BCE)

The homo sapiens and homo neanderthalensis is formed and now they are rivalling against each other for their domination of the world. Since the neanderthals are comuming fod and they will likely to go extinct soon. The homo sapiens also occupy their homelands too, causing a compitition to survive.

Episode V: The Battle (1 million year BCE to 18,000 BCE)

The battle continues on, as the neantherdals and the humans fight each other the neantherdals became extinct and now that the homo sapiens will rule the world.

Episode VI: Migrations and Agriculture (18,000 BCE to 5,000 BCE)

Now domestication goal is to make wolves into hunting dogs. After this agriculture comes in too, but the migration killed many in America. Agriculture is a failure in the Andes and now it's widespread in the Fertile Crescent.

Episode VII: Spirits (5,000 BCE to 4,000 BCE)

When the Stonehenge is completed, it means the sign of religion starts, it is a good way to make the sun rise and fall but it isn't, the pyramids are also coming also! The Egyptian tibe builds the pyramids at the same time.

Episode VIII: Fighting, Weapons and Military (4,000 BCE)

When the too,ls were invented about many millenias away, the weapons are invented, fighting starts, one weak shall be destroyed by another. Charles Darwin retires from narrating and continues with the successor, Sargon II. He told that the army will be offensive and defensive at the same time, nothing starts yet...

Episode IX: Cuneiform (3,500 BCE)

When all sounds terrible, the proto-cuneiform is invented, barley is usually common. Egypt and Mesopotamia rises from the tribal mode to the civilisation mood, as the beginning starts...

Episode X: Minoan Civilisation (3,200 BCE)

Minoans are actually the first Greek civilisation but in Crete they were formed, as a place for the European civilisation, but many will develop soon as they rise. Sargon II discovers that they made their way to make navy, they play around to conquer the Greek islands nearby.

Season II: The Faiiaet Code

Named after the L'Vanob emperor made by me.

Episode XI: Mythologies of Egypt (ca. 2,800 BCE)

There are mythologies in the past, including Egypt. Where, there was lot of reasons to tell with, the myths can rise through according to Sargon II's narration of the episode. There were lots of deities that exist in the mythology world, some were in both Roman and Greek mythologies and while some stay.

Episode XII: Early China (ca. 2,700 BCE)

When the ancient Chinese civilisation is born, a small group of people joined into the cradle of civilisation and naming the nation as 'Xia'. When everything becomes larger, it becomes what known as 'Shang', Sargon II said China is not important now and will be in the centuries.

Episode XIII: The Health of the Ancient Europe (ca. 2,655 BCE)

When health becomes a problem, disease is the problem. But drilling a skull is a problem, if you drill it on the living, damage makes the head vunlerable to attacks and accidents if possible. People only believed in demons and spirits, no-one knows why they are obessed with the evil. And also deities and the one and only God.

Episode XIV: Nomads and Horses (ca. 2,500 BCE)


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