The Holy German Empire at it's extension peak

The Holy German Empire (HGE) is a country from Drexmapper's Alternate history of Europe.


The HGE was stablished when Germania conquered Denmark, Austria, Slovenia, Holland, Calais, Alsace, Switzerland, Burgundy, Tyrol, Savoia, Miland and the Papal States.


The HGE occupies the modern countries of Denmark, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech republic and Slovakia. At the end of the third episode, Ethan collonized the Netherlands afer a small war.

Economy and military


Flag of the Holy German Empire

The HGE is the first world power in economy and military, due to it's huge size.

The HGE's economy is much stronger than the other european powers, but they are relatively weak, because much of the army was utilizad by Germania in the creation of the empire.


The HGE collapsed due to a massive independentism which broke apart the empire in 16 states: Denmark, Saxony, Pomerannia, Westfalia, Thuringia, Berlin, Rhine, Bavaria, Czech, Slovak, Switzerland, Austria, Burgundy, Milan, Venice and Florence.

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