Coat of Arms of the Holy Mervuian Order

Coat of Arms of the Order

Since we have a religion called Mervuemeringueism, why not make a holy knight order too XD


Grandmaster: Zephyrus (becase he's the only person for now lol if more people join we'll decide)

General Chapter: Zephyrus, Zukas, Golden, Demod

Grossgebieteger: Batran, Ironhand, Multi, Starring, JarJar

Other Members: Mind, Listar, Revanmapper


first other 3 to join become general chapter, first other 4 to join become Grossgebietiger. After that, we will elect the general chapter which will elect the Grandmaster who will assign the Grossgebietiger

Yes, this is a copy of the teutonic order. Happy now?

Also, this isn't a political faction. This is just a light-hearted joke "organization"


Mervuan Knight (uploadable version)

Mervuan Knight


Mervkriegs are the holy wars of MervueMeringueism, against the Jabrillian and Moapbigian infidels

Known Mervkriegs

  1. Demod - Ethan schlacht
  2. Mervuian conquest of VideoMappers channel
  3. Assasination of TOLF, victory against Jabrilianism