The Human Colonies are been colonised since the fall of Miracium. Affansinid Caliphate and Serbatija (Early) is formed, the Human colony is only in the Middle East sadly.



Claimed to explore the world  to send their data to Zephyrus' world. Because their technology is powerful, they can travel to dimensions, usually the technology called Dimensional Teleportation, was invented. A scientist named Akkarnar have started making the dimension, in the Palestine region, his crew setted the work to create a dimension. Akkarnar is ready to make the movement, when the portal opened, it sees other earth-dimensions, it only lasted about 2.5 minutes because it's a proto-type. In that dimension, the Calavaron army has a electrical sword against the Milparus army.

While it seems good, they sent an announcement all over Affansinid caliphate. To go through the new dimension to settle with. Only 100 can pass through, it needs a protal big enough to get them in. After 5 months, Akkarnar and his crew has setted work on the Palestine region once again. 100 are selected and they must meet Akkarnar and his crew in the Palestine region, then they created a portal that is about 70m across. And lasts about 5 hours. In this universe, it's Ethan's universe, the Tchian barbarians have finished the sack of Miracium. The people have arrived in Akkarnar's place.
Random flag

Affansinid Flag (at least)

"We are welcome to bring some visitors to a new world. We shall survive with blood." - Akkarnar


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