Iceland is a nation that is located in the northern Atlantic Ocean. It hasn't really had a long history.

Flag of Iceland

Flag of Iceland


Iceland was uninhabited by humans for a long time. Then, some Vikings discovered the island in the early 1000s. It was a Norse colony until the 1500s, where it became a part of Denmark. Iceland declared independence in 1940. Iceland has since joined NATO and the UN.



Iceland conquers the world The end


Iceland, with its overwhelming military superiority, manages to defeat the rest of the world and form the World Icelandic Federation. It then begins to explore cold planets and moons, naming them Iceland #2, Iceland #3, etc, Appropriately.


Iceland invades Greenland, and it takes it from Denmark. However, in European War I, Iceland invades Ireland, vanquishes it, and Scotland. However, Scotland somehow makes Iceland go bankrupt, and with no one that wants to give money to Iceland, Iceland dies.

Mxicoball Lel

Iceland takes over Europe, but then a potato touches the president of Iceland, so Iceland dies, then UAE takes over the world.


Iceland joins The Scandinavian War of Unification on a third side, but gets its eastern part invaded by Norway, then it dies. Later, the land joins Scandinavia.


USA occupy it, then it becomes a Westavian state.

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