Flag of Iciweiner before it was conquered. Because they were weiners, they were unable to make a smiley face, so they stole the Joe Boxer logo.

Iciweiner was a nation in the Arctic.


When a Tikolian explorer visited the area, he saw a bunch of frozen weiners floating on the water. When he picked one up, they all defrosted and started throwing each other at him in an attempt to rescue the one the explorer picked up.

After 23 days, another explorer was sent to the area because the first had yet to return. When he arrived, he saw that the icy weiners had devoured the explorer and now they were big, plump, fat weiners. The explorer quickly escaped after looking at the feirce weiners.

When the explorer told the king about what had happened, the Grande Tikolian Army was sent to fight the weiners and the Tikolo-Iciweiner War started. When they arrived, the fat weiners drowned the army with the cold Arctic waters. 53% of the Army died.

The king sent the Almost as Grande Tikolian Army to help reinforce the remaining troops. The Armies made fatdogs out of some of them to help solve their hunger problems. After 7 months and 23 days, the last weiner was finally defeated and the Tikolo-Iciweiner War ended.

After the war, the government ruled that area the Tikolian Arctic Territory. Icecaps started to reform after global warming and an island was formed. On that island however, was a fat weiner waiting for revenge...


From carvings in the icebergs, Tikolian scientists have discovered the culture of the weiners. To prevent decaying and decomposition, they cryogenically freeze themselves. However, when a weiner is in need, they immediately defrost and chuck each other to save the weiner.

Their bodies can stand without food or fluid for almost 10,000 years. When they do have to eat, they defrost and squirm to the shore where they use each other's butts as bait for fish. When a fish nibbles on the weiner, it shouts something in Iciweinese. Then, all of the other weiners come and pull out the fish. Finally, they scramble to the fish and eat it all on a first-come first-served basis. After the fish is gone, anyone who has eaten eats anyone that didn't. They squirm back to the shore after absorbing cold Arctic water and freeze themselves again.





Gittowa=Battle positions!



Pooht= Go away!



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