Indonesia is a country, that has around 14,000 islands. The main ones are Sumatra, Java, Borneo (the Indonesian part is Kalimentan), Sulawesi, Bali (?) and Papua (not referring to New Guinea). Its capital is Jakarta.

Flag of Indonesia.svg

Flag of Indonesia


I don't know much.


The people in South East Asia moved slowly to Indonesia by movement, while some moved to Australia. Those tribes have moved into the mainland, ice ages can sink the land-bridges after the temperature is raised.


The Majapahit Kingdom was established at 1293. It was powerful. During Gajah Mada's reign, he conquered a few islands.

Islamic States

Since Islam is spreading to Indonesia, making Sumatra and Java adopt the new religion itself.

Dutch Rule

Dutch colonised Java, which the Dutch East India Company is bankrupt since 1800. Since the rise of colonial empires, the Indonesian empires fell under the Dutch administration. Political reforms happened in 1901.

World War II

In WWII, Indonesia was occupied by Japan and later retook by allied. Later, it proclaimed independence in 1945. 

Cold War to Today

The financial collapse happened in Indonesia since 1997. Since then, a bailout has happened.



I think that Indonesia will become a tourist destination on Bali so much, that its tourism is no longer available much. While Indonesia stayed neutral much.

In my AFOA, Indonesia is neutral.


Indonesia is annexed by China because China wants to rebuild an empire, then Indonesia gains independence but then its conquered by China again, and so on until 2788 AD.


Indonesia grows a lot of coffee


Indonesia is Caliphate. Now, Indonesia is just NAZI.