Invasion is a Youtube series about alternate future of Europe with currently 13 episodes posted. It was created by Flaming Arrow on the July 28th 2014 when the first episode came out and was created for entertainment purposes.
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Series is fully dedicated to alternate future of Europe, including future of economy, politics, relationships between the countries and more. According to the creator, the series is based on some real facts about people, nations or regions, but however, the events that happen throughout the series are completely fictional and depend almost completely on creator's imagination. 

A link to the playlist of the series can be found here: Invasion (Playlist).


Episode Release Date Title Lenght Link
Ep. 1 July 28th 2014 Balkan and Crimea 5:59 Ep.1
Ep. 2 July 29th 2014 Middle East, Northern nation and German problems 8:20 Ep.2
Ep. 3 August 4th 2014 Balkan got changed 8:41 Ep.3
Ep. 4 August 10th 2014 The great Balkan war 8:54 Ep.4
Ep. 5 August 16th 2014 Post-war era 3:32 Ep.5
Ep. 6 August 25th 2014 Troubles at Islamic countries 12:20 Ep.6
Ep. 7 September 6th 2014 Fall of United States of Europe 10:16 Ep.7
Ep. 8 November 16th 2014 Italian Mafia 12:43 Ep.8
Ep. 9 February 21st 2015 The Endroiteuric Army 11:39 Ep.9
Ep. 10 July 27th 2015 Long live Endroiteurs 15:42 Ep.10


Ep.1: Balkan and Crimea

Russian-Ukrainian War (2014-2015)

After the annexation of Crimean peninsula to Russia in 2014, Ukraine allies with the United Stated of America and attacks Russian forces on the peninsula. At first Ukrainian army supported by the USA outnumbers the Russian troops and reclaims some of the peninsula. Couple of days later, Russia preforms a counteroffensive in which it reclaims most of the Crimea.

To defend against Russia, the USA and Ukraine establish the Republic of Crimea on the rest of the Crimean peninsula left under their control and the control over the state is temporarily given to Ukraine. Shortly after, parts of the peninsula under Russian control peacefully join Republic of Crimea. The state liberates from Ukrainian control and renames itself into Republic of Krim. It elects their first government led by two presidents, one elected by Ukrainian minority living on the peninsula and the other elected by Russian Crimeans.

But the war doesn't end yet, Russian troops are fighting Ukrainian army on the east Ukrainian border now. After a couple of succesfull battles and campaigns by Russia in the East Ukraine, Ukraine is forced to sign a capitulation in 2015. Besides the demilitarization of Ukrainian army, the treaty also includes giving away a large part of South Ukraine to Russia, including all of their seaside. Next day, Russia withraws their army from Ukrainian land.

Greek-Turkish War and war for Cyprus (2017)

After a major clash between Greeks and Turks on the Cyprus, Greece accuses Turkey for the incident. Greek government reaches an agreement to fight against Turks living in the north of Cyprus. Turkey takes Northern Cyprus' side and helps them fight against the Greek forces, but eventually Greek army manages to take control over the whole island and incorporates Cyprus into their country. Turkey doesn't recognize that move.


After the dispute over the Cyprus, relation between Turkey and Greece is intensifying fast. In the August 2017, Greek army walks onto the Turkish lands and attacks the Turkish army. Greeks are progressing fast - by September they already control north-western parts of Turkey, including Istanbul. One of the Turkish parties suggests the capitulation of Turkey, but the suggestion is denied.

In October 2017, Bulgaria signs an alliance agreement with Turkey in the Bulgarian city of Bourgas and agrees to help them fight against the Greek army. In the next month, Bulgaria successfully claims most of the Thracian and Greek Macedonian lands all the way to Istanbul, claiming the city as well. Turkish army can now resist the invasion of weakened Greek army and until the December of 2017 reclaims all of its territory up to Istanbul. Not being able to successfully fight incoming Bulgarian army, Greece surrenders and agrees on giving away the Cyprus to Turkey.

Ep.2: Middle East, Northern nation and German problems

Ep.3: Balkan got changed

Ep.4: The great Balkan war

Ep.5: Post-war era

Ep.6: Troubles at Islamic countries

Ep.7: Fall of United states of Europe

Ep.8: Italian Mafia

Ep.9: The Endroiteuric Army

Ep.10: Long live Endroiteurs

Countries which appear in the series

Besides all the present countries at the day the series started (28th July 2014), many other countries have appeared in the series.

Alternate future of sovereign countries as in the year 2014 redirects here

  • Republic of Krim (Crimean Republic or Krim for short): Ep.1 - now
  • Lapland: Ep.2 - now
  • Russo-Sami republic of Kola (Kola for sherehort): Ep.2 - Ep.6
  • Bayern (Bavaria): Ep.2 - now
  • Domowina and Lusatia: Ep.2 - now
  • Dalmatia: Ep.3 - Ep.8
  • Vojvodina: Ep.3 - Ep.3 and Ep.5 - Ep.8
  • Nazi state of Vajdasag: Ep.3 - Ep.3, later Nazi Union: Ep.3 - Ep.4
  • Nazi Magyar Reich: Ep.3 - Ep.4
  • Egestan: Ep.5 - now
  • Greek Cyprus: Ep.5 - now
  • Rusynia: Ep.5 - now
  • Serbian Panonia: Ep.5 - Ep.8
  • Russerbia (Russo-Serbian republic): Ep. 5 - now
  • Romia (Independent Russian State of Cyhania): Ep.5 - now
  • Kurdistan: Ep.6 - now
  • Syrian-Iraq Republic of Eastern Syria (or Eastern Syria for short): Ep.6 - now
  • Shiastan: Ep.6 - Ep.6
  • AII States (Afghani-Iraqi-Iranian States) : Ep.6 - now
  • Berber Empire: Ep.6 - now
  • Scotland: Ep.6 - now
  • United Kingdom & Ireland (United Kingdom of England, Ireland and Wales): Ep.7 - now
  • Brittany: Ep.7 - now
  • North France: Ep.7 - Ep.8
  • South France: Ep.7 - Ep.8
  • Corsica: Ep.7 - now
  • Sicilia Nostra: Ep.8 - Ep.8, later Italia Nostra: Ep.8 - Ep.10
  • Lourdes Monarchy: Ep.8 - now
  • Slavic Federation: Ep.8 - now
  • South Tyrol: Ep.8 - Ep.8, later Tyrol: Ep.8 - now
  • French city states: Ep.9 - Ep.9
  • Mafian Union: Ep.9 - Ep.9, later Francia Nostra: Ep.9 - Ep.10
  • Catalonia (known as Free Catalonia for a while in Ep.10): Ep.9 - Ep.10 and Ep.10 - now
  • Basquia: Ep.9 - now
  • Endroiteuric Republic (Endroiteuric Republice d'Allemagne): Ep.9 - Ep.10 and Ep.10 - now
  • Galicia: Ep.9 - now
  • Andalusia: Ep.9 - now
  • Madeira: Ep.10 - now
  • Galizeta (named Galician colony from Ep.10 - Ep.10): Ep.10 - now
  • Endroiteuric France: Ep.10 - now
  • Italian-Catalan State of Liguria and Alpes: Ep.10 - now

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