Dia duit. This country is the best country in the world. The end. ~ Goldenrebel25

Ireland is an island country off the coast of the United Kingdom. It mainly is located on Ireland Island. It shares part of the island with Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom.


Early History

Ireland was mentioned by the Greek geographer Ptolemy in 2 of his books, calling it "Little Britain". He described the coastlines.

Medievial Times

Ireland was under five main groups, Leinster, Ulster, Munster, Connacht, and Meath. Meath in the High Middle Ages was eventually conquered by England, and by 1603 all of Ireland was English.

Under England

Ireland lost most of it's culture under England, where most people lost their language. In the 1920's Ireland fought and gained independence after hundreds of years of oppresion.

Irish mappers

Goldenrebel25 (Born in Fermoy, moved to Mallow)

ExplodingPaintbrushProductions (Born in Fermoy, moved to Mallow)

Peadar702 (Dungarvan)

Vernad2 (East of Galway)

Random321 (Near Limerick)



Ireland rules the world.


Ireland stays as the best country in the world, and kicks the rest of Europe's ass.


Ireland gets northern ireland,normandy and iceland.

Pezminer12 (MappingPez)

Ireland takes Northern Ireland, and does some things from there.

Mxicoball Lel

Ireland dies, but then Ireland returns and kills Britain because empire.

Zarexian Mapper

Ireland will become the Technocratic Irish Confederation in 2030.

Felixland Order Mapper

Ireland become Celtic Federation in 2038 after WW3.


Ireland annexes Northern ireland/Ulster.

Opinions of Ireland


Thumboy's Opinions

Just a fun activity that you can do, map out what parts of Ireland you like and hate.


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Ireland counties

Map of Ireland that you can use.


Gold's Opinion including Britain