Cat-tle Armor

Jay's fascination with map making began long before he started doing so on Youtube and would draw HORRIBLE maps on paper and have fun taking over the world. *switch's back to 1st person* I am an extreme right authoritarian and I'm proud of it, GOP 4 LIFE. I disagree/dislike strongly left libertarians. I feel abortions are contemplated murder and should never be done even if the mother dies. It is up to god to decide who dies not some clinic doctor who's gunna murder a human being without it's consent. I like cats, guns, [[1]], mapping (duh), and war. I also enjoy dubstep and EDM type music, but I still enjoy rock from the 70's and up as well as classical. I spend a lot of time on my computer but I'm lazy so I don't upload often. I don't upload often because of CoD and not because I forget to upload *nervous laugh* Well that's bout it.

I enjoy and plays EUIV, Unturned, Minecraft, and an unhealthy plethora of CoD. (My steam is nittanykat for anyone that wants to play EUIV with meh.

I quit mapping for bout 2-3 months first because my mouse broke then because I like video games. Now I'm back and I am gonna get back on my war horse and I shall lead my cavalry onward.

Invented Nations

Use for my nations is allowed as long as appropriate credit is given.

Teutonica - A nation located in northern coast of Germany and Poland much like Prussia.(Now a EUIV mod!)

EMU - A nation located in Switzerland, Belgium, Rousillion, Northern Corsica, and parts of the Netherlands.

NAH - The New Austro-Hungarian Empire, at it's greatest extent it owned: Austria, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Slovokia, Northern Serbia, Most of Romania, and Croatia and maybe Bosnia Herzegovina. Remind me to post map of it.



He's Legit +30

First person I talked to +50

Generally Awesome +100

Listens to me +10

Mah Frend +20

Total 200


He's legit +30

Generally Awesome +100

Mah Frend +20

Total 150


He's legit +30

Generally Awesome +100

Haven't talked that much -30

Total 100


Haven't talked that much -30

Seems legit +15

Total -15


Haven't talked that much -30

Uber Awesome +100

The Grand Master of Mapping +250

Doesn't go in chat -75

Total 245

More to come! If you're not on the list then tell me who you are because I might not remember or have met you.



P.S. Best times to contact me are 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm EST.

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