Mordecai Mapper is a portuguese mapper who lives in Lisbon. His "really" first video of mapping was in Setember 2014 and he joined in this wiki in 12th Setember 2014.

He was inspired by MOAP (principally), Demod, Golden and Drex. His channel is in this word

Series in his channel

  • Alternative Future of Europe (Finnished)
  • New Alternative Future of Europe (To be continued)
  • Alternative wars (To be continued)
  • Alternative Future of South Amerika (To be continued)
  • Alternative Future of Old World (To be continued)
  • Alternative History (cancelled, possibly re-open)
Mordecai Mapper

Name of the channel

Mordecai Mapper, The Tuga Mapper



Mappers subscribers rank


Mapping dialect

He doesn't knows



Best friends in wiki

Golden, Mind, Demod, Zukas, Drex and Duxy

Political views


Channel creation date

10th October 2011 (3 years)


482,585 (10th)


Mapping, making polandballs, talk in the chat and alternative hisotry

His official nations are:

  • Tylastrona (principal)
  • Mordecai Empire (secondary)
  • Runistrizeendia
  • Tins
  • Linkin Parkia
  • Wuantia

Possible official nations

  • Nuebrinhos (In South Amerika)

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