KaronAvia is the national airline of Karonas,which services over 60 countries and 300 cities. Its main hub is Siauliai International Airport(SQQ),which was built in 1920 as a military base.



It was founded in 1950 by the Karonian government as an initiative to start commercial aviation.Its first flight was from Siauliai to Liepaja and its first international flight was from Siauliai to St.Petersburg. It started with a fleet of converted Karonian KR1 WW2 bombers and gradually modernized its fleet as time passed. In 1977,the domestic flights were transferred to a subsidiary called KaronLektuvas. Nowadays,it is a governmental enterprise except for a 10 percent privately owned part which is owned by Maxima Aviation Inc,a subsidiary of the retail chain Maxima-Valtis Inc.