Kingdom of Central Scandinavia
Mial Skiak
2017–Still around

Kingdom of Central Scandinavia flag 900px.png

Capital Gällivare
Government Monarchy

the Kingdom of Central Scandinavia is a large Scandinavian nation that declared independence from Sweden, Norway, Finland and a small section from Russia on June 3, 2017...surprisingly, It has not been invaded by Russia, It is a part of NATO and the European Union...but is not a part of any other alliances, despite not really caring about the Scandinavian does still accept it's existence. The nation is a complete monarchy, it lost it's states of Iali and Kiak in the Finnish-Central Scandinavian War...It's official language is Mailk, a language first created in 2005 and quickly spread through the region. The people of Central Scandinavia are c

Kingdom of Central Scandivania map

alled "Mailki's"