Kingdom of Parbounli
Parbounil Kvaginion
Flag of Greece.svg.png
Flag of Turkey.svg
January 29th 2018-Present
Parbounila Vėlaga.jpg Parbounli coat of arms.png
Flag Coat of arms
Parbounli na Iuroplape.png
Capital Esinorus
Largest city Mogahan
Official languages Parbounlinese
Recognised regional languages Greek, Turkish
Demonym Parbounliman
Religion None (de jure)
Government Monarchy (Constitutional)
 -  2018-present Ecabacer I
 - 2018-2022 Konstantin Eladan
 - January Revolution January 29th, 2018
 - Referendum in Northern Greece January 31st, 2018
 - Marmara War March 2018
 -  2018 25,971,278 
GDP (PPP) 2018
 - Total $2,1 trillion
 - Per capita $38,621
HDI (2018) Increase 0.87
very high
Currency Parbounlinese Adrian
Time zone UTC +2
Date format YYYY-MM-DD
Drives on the right
Calling code +38
ISO 3166 code KP; KPB; 318
Internet TLD .pb

Parbounli, officially the Kingdom of Parbounli (Parbounlinese: Parbounil Kvaginion), is transcontinental nation in East Balkans and northwest Asia Minor. One of the earliest members of GONK.


The creation of nation

Parbounlinese nation was formed in 1942, during the World War II, when Germany, Bulgaria and Italy divided Greece into separate military zones. People living in Greece experienced their genocide; while Bulgaria let their people live peacefully, Italian and German armies were killing native people, exiling them to Italy and Germany for works in Military industry. However, one of Italian soldiers, Benit Parbounlini created a language and called it by his last name and motivated prisoners to speak it as a secret language that Nazists could not understand. After Potsdam Conferention British and Americans let them escape and back to their lands in Greek Thrace. However, Greek Civil war forced prisoners to settle in Turkey instead of their houses in Northern Greece.. Then, they found each other speaking the secret language and set Parbounili name for themselves. Since 1950, they developed as an independent nation.

Under Turkish rule

Turkey refused to recognize Parbounlinese because 'they are illegal migrants' and immediatelly started the Great Genocide, which consisted over 70 years. Although lots of newcomers were exiled into several Turkish provinces, they never surrendered and even started massive migration to the largest cities of Marmara region (Istanbul, Bursa, Edirne). In 2012, seeing the situation being worse, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recognized Parbounlinese as a separate nation and let their people back to their home in Turkish Thrace. Immediately after this, Parbounlinese organised a new war against Turkey. To success this purpose, they formed an organisation „Parbounlinese Liberation Movement" („Disenia Za Librėa Parbounlinum") and chose Erik Tzolin as organisation's president. They waited until Turkey ignores them, however, Erdoğan changed it's mind and planned to implement the Parbounlinese genocide by using Turkey's army. Their purpose collided in the same city - Bursa (Tzola).

The creation of Parbounli

January Revolution

In 29th January, Parbounlinese revolted against the dictatorship of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Dictator sent their military troops to Marmara region to quell the uprising. All Parbounlinese came to Bursa, where the Turkish organised the battle against the rebels. They created independent country of Parbounli with the capital in Bursa. At the same time Erdoğan's army started cleaning all Parbounlinese settlements, however, Turkish people living in Marmara region wished they could live in a free country with centralised power, peace, strong industry and no discrimination, so they turned to Parbounlinese side. Then, Erdoğan determined he's lost and signed the Treaty of Bursa next day and Turkish military troops retreated from Bursa. Just because the revolution occurred in January, Konstantin Eladan called it 'January Revolution'.

Referendum results. Municipalities with 50% or more YES votes joined Kingdom of Parbounli

Macedonias Referendum

The next day, in 31st January, the Greeks participated in referendum to merge all Macedonias and join Parbounli or stay under rule of Greece. Referendum results (YES - joining PPR, NO - under rule of Greece):

  1. West Macedonia refused (21.3% YES and 78.7% NO)
  2. Central Macedonia divided (65.5% NO in Pieria, Pella and Imatha overall; other parts: 52.1% YES and 47.9% NO overall)
  3. East Macedonia and Thrace accepted (71.4% YES and 28.6% NO)

Results let 60% Macedonia join Parbounli next day. Then, Konstantin Eladan changed the official name into Kingdom of Parbounli because of establishing monarchy, declared Ecabacer I as the King of Parbounli, changed official capital to Edirne and renamed many Turkish names into Greek or Parbounlinese names.

Marmara War

In February 28th, 2018, Alexis Tsipras, the Prime Minister of Greece, provided ultimatum to ceed back the whole territory until the River Evros to Greece. King Ecabacer I had to answer it for 20 hours or Greece will declare war against Parbounli.

However, neither Ecabacer I nor K. Eladan did not answer, so Greece officially declared war against Parbounli next day. Parbounlinese army consisted of 10000 foot soldiers, 10 tanks and 6 planes while the Greeks prepared 32,000 soldiers, 20 tanks and eight planes. Greeks living in richer Parbounli turned into Parbounlinese side, however, Turkish turned into Greek side because they wanted Alexis Tsipras to conquer Parbounli and restore borders before January Revolution. They revolted in many cities, especially in Mogahan, to weaken Parbounlinese morale, so they would surrender and restore borders of January 2018.

At the start Parbounlinese lost many battles against Greeks and Turkish and lost many territory due to sudden Greek attacks. It looked like the end of Kingdom of Parbounli. However, more young Parbounlinese men (aged 18-22) joined Army of Kingdom of Parbounli, shortly APK (Armia Parbounila Kvagiona). They felt the spirit of independence and fought against united Greek and Turkish rebel troops bravely near Esinorus. After the lost battle, Alexis Tsipras surrendered due to economic crisis in his country and gave back all captured Parbounlinese lands with minor changes. Turkish rebels became too weak against new Parbounlinese power and lost all major and a few minor battlese. Then, APK regained territories lost to Turkish. Alexis Tsipras and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had to sign Treaty of Sofia and refuse their claims in Parbounlinese lands.

Since 2019, Parbounli is neutral country.


Parlament Demoga

Demoga's title

According to the Constitution (Konstitusa Parbounila Kvaginiona), Parbounli is Constitutional Monarchy and unitary state. The King confirms all ministers, majors (except Major of Esinorus, who can be only King of Parbounli), meets foreign representatives,represents Kingdom of Parbounli in abroad and his residence is located in Esinorus Royal Palace.

In Kingdom of Parbounli, Parliament is called Demoga (demo + moga = demoga) and it consists of 200 members in one palace.

Nation Entries
130 / 200
43 / 200
24 / 200
3 / 200
Name Abbr. Ideology MPs
Parbounlinese Christian Union

Saiuga Kristanie Parbounlee

SKP Conservatism
88 / 200
Parbounlinese Liberty Union

Saiuga Libree Parbounlee

SLP Liberalism
43 / 200
Parbounlinese Social Democratic Party

Partia Sosxaldemokratie Parbounlee

PSP Socialism

Social Democracy

24 / 200
Parbounlinese Green Party

Partia Zalinie Parbounlee

PZP Green Politics
19 / 200
Other parties other Other
26 / 200

Administrative divisions

Read about Territories of Parbounli for more information.
Parbounil Kvaginion


Kingdom of Parbounli is divided into 7 provinces. They all follow one constitution, one parliament but Greek provinces and several districts can set foreign languages as regional languages. Also, Parbounli has geographical regions and statistical subidivisions.

State Capital Population Color in map
Vėlaga EigėiaAegean Flag of ThessalonicaThessalonica 1,475,119 Orange
Vėlaga BitinieeBithynia Agrilia 2,981,775 Lime
Vėlaga DigkarataDigkarat Mogahan 15,769,452 Turquoise
Vėlaga EsmilieeEsmilia Rhaedestus 1,420,542 WIP
Vėlaga GerpxranieeGerfrania Parbounila VėlagaTzola 3,098,772 Blue
Vėlaga XorokisxaHorokish Abydos 617,436 Purple
Vėlaga MarmareePropontus Xanthi 608,182 WIP


Despiting Independence wars against Greece and Turkey in 2018 May-April, Kingdom of Parbounli is neutral country. It owns 10000 foot soldiers, 30 tanks and 5 planes. However, all tanks and planes are used for native people transfering only, that's why tourists think people are weird. Soldiers mostly find missing people and work in police (Polisa) and near the borders. Also, Parbounli Navy consists of 40 heavy and light ships used in defence of territorial waters of Parbounli, 15 submarines used to explore the underwaters and over 500 trading ships.


Parbounli iz Satelita

Parbounli view from the Satellite

Parbounli is bordered by Bulgaria in the north, FYROM and Greece in the west and Turkey in the southeast.
Relief Parbounlee

Terrain of Parbounli

Parbounli is located in whole territory between Rhodope mountain chain in the north and Anatolian Plateau in the south. The longest Parbounli's river is Evros, on whose left river bank Esinorus, the capital of Kingdom of Parbounli, is located. River Evros enters Aegean Sea as a delta. The other seas/straits rinsing Parbounli's coasts are Dardanelles, Marmara Sea, Bosphorus Strait and Black Sea.

There are two large mountain groups in Parbounli. Rhodope mountains are the natural border between Parbounli and Bulgaria in the west. Anatolian Plateau's northwest part is located in Gerfrania and Bithynia provinces.


Kingdom of Parbounli's economy is powerful and prosperous. Despiting the population's consistency, it has a high level of innovation and the life expectancy is high.


Kingdom of Parbounli has a perfect road system. Some of them survived from even Antiquity. Roads are not only straight and high-quality but also wide, so lots of people can drive between the cities fastly, safely and amply.

There are over 20 city bus companies in several cities and 15 intercity bus companies transfering people between 200 cities.

Parbounli's national air company Parbounli Airlines which is used for international air routes.

Nation Air Route
Flag of GuerreGuerre Mogahan-Brussels
VFlagProt1Valkyria Mogahan-Gothenburg
Vladimirastok flagVladimirastok Tzola-Magadan
Apollo UnionApollo Union Mogahan-Toronto
Index-1Iberia Esinorus-Madrid
Flag of Austranland EmpireAustranland Tzola-Zürich
Gralician 3Gralicia Mogahan-Graliciatok
Slavonica NEWSlavonica Esinorus-Prešporok
E87E98DE-225D-42EE-93B9-0E79DFC54249Caucasia Tzola-Baku
GloriousrepGlorious Republic Mogahan-Naples
New Baltic FlagBaltica Esinorus-Riga


Official currency in Parbounli is Parbounlinese Adrian which is divided into 100 sents. Ratio between Euro and Adrian is 1:2



Ethnicities in Parbounli

Kingdom of Parbounli is multinational country lived by 3 large nations. Parbounlinese is the major ethnicity with 58,2% population. Other large nations are Turkish and Greeks and minor communities such Jewish, Macedonians and Bulgarians.


Over 73% population live in cities. About 60% all population lives in Mogahan.

Rank Name Province Population (2018)
1. Mogahan Vėlaga DigkarataDigkarat 15,000,000
2. Parbounila VėlagaTzola Vėlaga GerpxranieeGerfrania 1,960,405
3. Flag of ThessalonicaThessalonica Vėlaga EigėiaAegean 789,852
4. Agrilia Vėlaga BitinieeBithynia 450,000
5. Nicomedia 300,127
6. Libisa Vėlaga DigkarataDigkarat 284,428
7. Tziralon Vėlaga EsmilieeEsmilia 235,345
8. Angelokoma Vėlaga GerpxranieeGerfrania 189,961
9. Rhaedestus Vėlaga EsmilieeEsmilia 176.848
10. Vėlaga BulgabardaEsinorus 167,579


The only official language in Kingdom of Parbounli is Parbounlinese, however, Greek and Turkish languages are recognized as regional language in provinces where the Greeks or Turkish are at least 40% or more inhabitants. About 62.5% population speak Parbounlinese as the mother tongue, 20.6% as the second and 8.9 as the third language. Turkish is the mother tongue to 25,8% population and over 72% in Asia. Greek is the regional language in western provinces and over 90% population of them speak Greek as their mother tongue there. People also speak English, Russian, German and Bulgarian.
Bazilika Santee Sopxiee

Hagia Sofia, one of medieval Byzantine culture monuments in Mogahan


Although the only official religion in Parbounli is Christianity, Constitution guarantees religious freedom, so Turkish can enjoy Islam. Parbounlinese, Greeks and Slavic nations practice Orthodoxy, which is the majority religion according to faithfulers. Turkish, Arabs and Propontic Bulgarian communities are muslims. Others are very little Buddhist, Jewish communities, faithful with no concrete faith and only 0.4% are atheists.



Basketball is the main sport in every Parbounlinese town. Mogahan is the centre of native „Parbounlinese Basketball League" (Parbounila Liga Krekolee), where the 14 different basketball teams participate. Also, people like playing football/soccer and handball but the teams are not professional, so they play in native tournaments only.


Parboflag, the mutual logo to all sport asociations and federations


  • Curling Asociation of Parbounli (Asosiasia Kerlina Parbounlee; formed in February 4th, 2018)
  • Snowboarding Federation of Parbounli (Pxederasion Snegbordiga Parbounlee; formed in February 9th, 2018
  • Basketball Federation of Parbounli (Pxederasion Krekola Parbounlee; formed in February 11th, 2018)
  • Football Federation of Parbounli (Pxederasion Podkola Parbounlee; formed in February 22nd, 2018)
  • Olympic Commitet of Parbounli (Olimpik Komitet Parbounlee; formed in March 18th, 2018)
  • Handball Asociation of Parbounli (Asosiasia Rukkola Parbounlee; formed in March 23rd, 2018)

All Asociations/Federations use same logo called Parboflag (Parbovlag).

Medals achieved by Parbounli

Parbounli has achieved 5 bronze and 1 gold medals overally.

Tournament Event Athlete/Team Medal Date
Rhinea Flag 2018 Freestyle Snowboarding World Championships Women's snowboard cross Vėlaga EsmilieeElissa Bani Bronze medal blank February 16th
Men's snowboard halfpipe Vėlaga EsmilieePavel Burgasov Bronze medal blank February 18th
Women's snowboard big air Vėlaga GerpxranieeAla Tzolina Gold medal blank February 19th
Men's snowboard parallel giant slalom Vėlaga EigėiaEleftherios Karas Bronze medal blank February 20th
Rhinea Flag 2018 Curling Championship Parbounila VėlagaCurling Team Bronze medal blank February 22nd
Neo PrussiaMIHU Neo Prussia Monthly Cup April 2018 Parbounila VėlagaHandball Team Bronze medal blank April 27th


Parbounlinese like several types of music: classic, rock, pop, hip hop, jazz, etc.

Also, KOP participates in MSC since 30th edition, however, Parbounli does not succed to get high places and stays in middle places due to low scores.



PTV, the only TV channel on Parbounlinese

In Kingdom of Parbounli, there is the only national channel 'PTV' on Parbounlinese because new channels would be expensive to create plus people like outdoor activities more than indoor (Parbounlinese spend over 60% their free time in cafes, restaurants, cinemas, arenas, gyms, clubs, etc.) PTV translates some geographical documentary, music, dance shows, sport matches, news, etc. Also, Greeks and Turkish have their own national channels.

All films in Parbounlinese language are produced by Parbounli Studios and ThraceMedia.

Majority of Parbounlinese like to buy and read newspapers instead of watching TV because newspapers are cheap (they cost only 40 cents) and write more information than TV News show. It is also helpful to rural people who can't buy TV because TV is expensive to buy and newspapers can be sold in almost every shop. The largest newspaper companies in Parbounli are Great Coast News and Parbounili Noieni.

Parbounli in Languages

Parbounli emoji
Please add your language in alphabetic order. Bolds are ON's languages and italics are ethnic languages.
  • Baltorusian - ς๏г๏ɭยร๒ קคгย๒ይ (Corolezbu Parebew)
  • Belarusian - Каралеўства Парбоўнлія
  • Bulgarian - Кралство Парбуни
  • Dutch: Koninkrijk van Parboenli
  • French - Royaume de Parbounlie
  • Georgian - პარბუნულის სამეფო
  • German - Königreich Parbeunlien
  • Greek: Βασίλειο της Παρβουνλίας
  • Irish Gaelic - Ríocht na parabola
  • Italian - Regno di Parbogna
  • Latvian - Parbonļi Karaliste
  • Lithuanian - Parbounlio Karalystė
  • Polish - Królestwo Parbowlii
  • Russian - Парбонлийское Королевство
  • Scots Gaelic - Rìoghachd parabola
  • Serbian - Краљевина Парбовлија
  • Slavonican - Parbónske Kralowstvo
  • Spanish - Reino de Parboña
  • Turkish: Parbuneli Krallığı
  • Ukrainian - Королівство Парбівлії
  • Vladimirastokan - 𐌐aяβoüиłišʞi, Kiиᵹᴆoɱia 𐌐aяβoüиłia


Current Treaties

Treaty Benefits Partner Sign Date Embassy (if has)
Boston Alliance, diplomatic relations, visa-free mode. Apollo UnionApollo Union February 2nd 2018
Turkk Alliance, recognition, visa-free mode, diplomatic relation Fyorr-FlagFyorr February 3rd 2018 Mogahan
Aalborg Alliance VFlagProt1Valkyria Tzola
Buenos Aires Recognized nation, trade rights CRSA bandera oficialPetamarken Esinorus
Orlean Alliance (until April 15th 2018 with Francoisa) New Baltic FlagBaltica February 5th 2018
Phoenix Diplomatic relations, trade rights Western Flag by CJetsWesterna February 9th 2018
Vienna Diplomatic relations, trade rights, visa-free regime Flag of Austranland EmpireAustranland February 10th 2018
Bogota Recognized nation, trade rights Aztlan FlagAztlan February 12th 2018
Mogahan (2nd) Trade rights Vladimirastok flagVladimirastok February 20th 2018
Baku Alliance E87E98DE-225D-42EE-93B9-0E79DFC54249Caucasia February 27th 2018
Zaragoza Index-1Iberia March 13th 2018
Guenand Economic Alliance Brion FlagBrion April 7th 2018
Esinorus Economic, trade alliance Flag of GuerreGuerre April 15th 2018
Graliciatok Alliance Gralician 3Gralicia
Uzzhorod Trading and transportation alliance Slavonica NEWSlavonica April 16th 2018
Palermo Non-aggression pact, diplomatic relations, bilaterial recognition, free trade. GloriousrepGlorious Republic May 14th 2018
Mogahan (3rd) Trade and Economic Alliance Flag of SorianaSoriana May 18th 2018

Former Treaties

Treaty Benefits Partner Starting date Ending date
Mogahan (1st) Diplomatic relations, visa-free mode, non-attack treaty, recognizing nation DabaaBaltorus February 1st 2018 March 10 2018
Coccanpole Trade rights, military and economic treaty. Kareyanka KrallığıKarianka February 4th 2018 Apr 6th 2018
Siauliai Trade rights, economic relations, military alliance, educational cooperation KaronasKaronas February 17th 2018 May 16th 2018