Republic of Kosovo
Republika e Kosovës (Albanian)
Република Косово
Republika Kosovo (Serbian)
Disputed Territory
Flag of Kosovo.svg Coat of Arms of Kosovo.svg
Flag Coat of arms
Map of Kosovo.svg
Capital Pristina
Official languages Albanian
Government Unitary Parliamentary republic
Legislature Assembly of Kosovo
Drives on the right
Calling code [[Telecommunications of {{{common_name}}}|+383]]

Kosovo is a disputed territory in the southern parts of Serbia in the Balkans. Kosovo is a partially recognized nation because some of the nations haven't recognized Kosovo's independency from Serbia.

History of Kosovo

Early History

Kosovo has been inhabited since the Roman and Greek eras by a group called The Dardani. Roman Empire took the area of Kosovo in 160 BC and incorporated the area into the province of Illyricum in 59 BC. By the 4th century, the area of Kosovo became a target of large numbers of barbarian raids. This culminated in the so-called Slavic migration in the 6th and 7th centuries. Bulgarian Empire took the region of Kosovo in the 850's and Byzantium claimed the region back in 1018. Because Slavs didn't want byzantine control over them, the region was under Serbian, Bulgarian or Byzantine rule until Serbia completely conquered the region.

Middle Ages


20th and 21th century


Countries that recognize Kosovo (green). Grey means not recognizing.

Future of Kosovo


Kosovo would became recognised within' the generation. And would be smell in the fresh air of their first ever freedom. From a country that was randomly pulled from darkness. Vojvodina would start to get inspired as well, if the Hungarian population is the majority of the region. Kosovo might not do much, and it is unknown what they ever do. Except Serbia would likely not let it go without a fight.


In TL's A.H.O.E. interlude, where the map of the real world is shown, Kosovo is already a country, with borders and all. Kosovo is, however, conquered in 2017 by the Third Bulgarian Empire, and again in 2018 by the Fourth Reich. After the defeat of the Fourth Reich in 2019, Kosovo becomes a part of Byzantium until 2026, when the loss of its Martian colony causes Byzantium to collapse. Later that same year, Mürt takes over Kosovo and keeps it until the end of the interlude and the transition to the main A.H.O.E. series, where it is owned by a number of nations throughout the series, but usually by the Holy Bulgar Empire. Of course, eventually Mürt takes over the world again and Kosovo falls back into Mürtian hands.


Kosovo becomes a recognised country in 2019, Serbia declares war on them to get the Reconquest casus belli. Because the Kosovo military is weak, few supporters helped them, causing to give few areas to theirs. While Russia and China didn't like Kosovo, they began to support Serbia, not much during the war, really. Later, it is possible that it is a candidate of NATO and EU.


Kosovo will become recognized country by the year 2020. Serbia might try to reclaim the lost land with the support of Russia in the UN but NATO will intervene (possibly even UN and EU too) and keep Serbia out of Kosovo. Kosovo will later become another member of EU and possibly NATO.


In my series, Kosovo is destroyed by the Serbian army in 2021, in the 2nd Yugoslavian wars. Kosovo tried to ask Albania for help, but Albania refused due to the huge Serbian power, that militarized itself since 2015.


Gonna skip to the possibilities

1.Kosovo is annexed by Serbia (maybe)

2. Srebia and other nations accept Kosovo as a country, and Kosovo becomes independent. (maybe)

3. Kosovo joins Albania (unlikely)

João Dinis Carvalho

In my serie in portuguese, Serbia and Croatia are alies against all balcan states to form Yugoslavia, but Italy and Grece intervent in the war, soo the treaty of Belgrad says the unification of Croatia to Serbia, Slovenia goes to Italy and Kosovo goes to Grece


In Europe 2.0, Kosovo will be annexed by the Holy Ottoman Empire during it's growth.

But Kosovo will soon gain independence when I think Russia will drop out of the big 5, being replaced with Spain because Spain is also a popular country and the United Nations does not like what Russia is doing right now. China will change their mind and will not veto Kosovo. Kosovo wins independence.




in 2017 Kosovo and Albania have a war,Kosovo has a civil war while.Serbia quickly intervents the war.The battle starts in july,Besiana is taken by Serbia,Kosovo Accepts to unite with Albania.Serbia gets more mad.Macedonia allies with Serbia.October-Vucitrn is sacked.Debar is taken by Albania.Kosovo is sourounded.Montengro joins the allies.Titovo is taken by the Allies(Montengro).2018 has began,January began,Gjilani is Attacked by Serbia making a Victory for serbia.Kosovo regains Vucitrn.April has began the war continues.Tetova is garrissoned by Kosovo and Albania.Skopje is sacked and Macedonia surrenders.June begins when Serbia Captures Ferizaji and Prizeni.Montengro takes Kraljevo,while Serbia takes it back.Macedonia Re-enters and takes back all cities lost.November arrives,4 terrorist attacks in Vucitrn,regain it.Albania sends support.2019 begins And the US enters.The Treaty of Prishtina is Signed:

  • Albania gets Debar from Macedonia,and FYROM gets Peshkopi.
  • Kosovo is Independent but cant have Weapons for 3 years.
  • Serbia cant attack Kosovo for 6 years.
  • Montengro gets Titovo


Kosovo gets autonomy, but remains Serbian.


Kosovo will kill some nations within its area and murder Putin,Moap,Goldenrebel,Miki,Zukas,Percy,Peter,Void and Mich with the help of Thunder :)


Kosovo declares war agnaist FYROM and Serbia, FYROM falls and gives a northren part to Kosovo, but Serbia annexes Kosovo and gives FYROM former lands.


Kosovo gets independence via referendum or war. They either join Albania or remain indep- oh god Serbia n-! OMGKOSOVOISSERBIAUAREKEBABREMOVEKEBABKDNAKDNEJDOWDN


Kosovo will finally be recognised by Serbia because WW3! By 2100, Kosovo s Stronker than Russia! XD

Finn Mapper

Kosovo will:

  • Be full independent country
  • Be autonomous area of Serbia
  • Be autonomous area of Albania
  • Join to Albania (during some war)


Kosovo gets your independence, starting a war against Serbia, this lose but later Albania, and the others pro-Yugoslavians countries attack Serbia and again form Yugoslavia and Kosovo becomes finally independent. (#KosovoIndependent)