Kronalea is the primary official nation of MultiMapping.

Democratic Republic of Kronalea
14 December 2024–?


You've got to be cruel to be kind.
"Look There She Is"
Capital Nijmegen (Nofmaga)
Languages Gwendur and Dutch
Religion None
Government Republic Kronalea, 14 December 2024]]
Currency Kenthuc
Calling code +83
Internet TLD .kl (Kronalea)

Kronalea (Gwendur: Cronala), is a nation located in and around the Low Countries. It has around 40 million inhabitants. It's capital is Nijmegen (Gwendur: Nofmaga).

The Fight for a Better Europe

Around the year January of 2024, a select few Dutch were fed up with the governance of European nations. Soon enough, violence broke out in the Dutch city of Nijmegen, and soon they had so many followers that they didn't even have to think about fighting for the city. Then it got completely out of hand: at that point, they had conquered the Volkel airbase. All hell broke loose in a giant conflict between the Dutch soldiers and Kronalean revolutionaries. This conflict later became known as 'the Fight for a Better Europe', or in Dutch, 'de Strijd voor een beter Europa'. The fight was won by the Kronaleans after they conquered Amsterdam (7 November), and later The Hague (14 December). The Netherlands had been replaced with what was now Kronalea.

The Krono-Belgian War

It was 4 January 2025, the Kronalean government had approved of an expansion into Belgian land. Hundreds of Kronalean soldiers and F16s flew to Brussels. The entire nation was ransacked, and casualties reached the millions. Because of this, Kronalea is now seen as 'The European Disaster'. The Belgian government soon surrendered, and Belgium was annexed. Luxembourg was also annexed after some threats from the Kronalean government.

The Collapse of Germany: Conquering Federal States

In 2027, the nation of Germany collapsed after serious economic problems. All federal states (bundesländer) were independent at that point. Two of them, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland Palatinate, were invaded by Kronale. Later, in 2035, Kronalea also invaded Hesse.



Because of its militaristic demeanor, Kronalea spends military funds extravagantly.


Total Population: 41,475,657

Manpower Available: 18,728,129

Fit-for-Service: 16,324,217

Reaching Military Age Annually: 801,845

Active Military Personnel: 1,307,660

Air power

Aircraft (All Types): 12,850

Helicopters: 656

Attack Helicopters: 563

Fighter Aircraft: 5976

Trainer Aircraft: 2434

Transport Aircraft: 3221

Serviceable Airports: 45

Land systems

Total Land Vehicles: 33,351

Tanks: 7553

Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs): 20,323

Self-Propelled Guns (SPGs): 3004

Towed Artillery:133

Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS): 2338

Naval power

Total Naval Vehicles: 693

Aircraft Carriers: 7

Submarines: 89

Frigates: 66

Destroyers: 65

Corvettes: 6

Mine Warfare Craft: 12

Patrol Craft: 448

Major Ports / Terminals: 81


Defense Budget (USD): $453,840,000,000

Purchasing Power Parity: $5.699,700,000,000

Nuclear power

Nuclear Warheads: 34

Nuclear Power Plants: 8


Roadway Coverage (km): 159,295 km

Railway Coverage (km): 4,033 km

Waterway Coverage (km): 6,737 km


Illuccia - Kronalea, since 8 November 2015

Ionia - Kronalea, since 9 November 2015

Guanche Empire - Kronalea, since 22 November 2015

Switzlovenkia - Kronalea, since 23 November 2015

Crovoda - Kronalea, since 30 December 2015

Geronian Confederation - Kronalea, since 21 June 2016