In Late October, 2077. When the atomic bombs fell and scorched the Earth, People escaped to underground shelters called Vaults. Created by Vault-tec, people thought they were safe from the scorched Earth above. But unbeknownst to the 122 (Public) Vaults. Each had their own unique problems, purposes, and each have their own unique new culture. But not all of them survived.

One such Vault, Vault 96, was a Vault basely great on preserving old world lifestyle. Had only 500 families, Thousands of TV shows, Radio music, Phones, etc. was replayed in this Vault. It seemed that this Vault was peaceful.

But like all vaults, this had a problem. One such group was living amongst the vault. 2 families, 7 residents, were part of the last thousands of remnants of a group called BRONIES. They shared their culture with the Vault, only almost a quarter of the vault liked it within a span of 2 years. With only 600 Bronies in the vault, many others started to dislike them. They bullied, harrased, and sometimes on extreme measures, murdered them with false hatred. In 2089, The Vault is in a argument. Almost 600 bronies (who weren't murdered) against over 1000 Anti-bronies while the rest were neutral. They developed Gangs, which turned into Gang wars. Then a Solution was made, Overseer Thomas Himley, had introduced Politial parties to the vault. Ensuring a lot less violence was made. It worked, even if the tensions lessened, it starts to build up slower but stronger overtime.

In 2109, the Vault had 780 Bronies (including 417 Pegasisters), 1112 Anti-bronies (aside from 500 non-bronies) had started to attack each other. And the Vault plummeted into a Civil War. 780 Bronies bravely fought the 1112 Anti-bronies. 2-4 months later, The vault had over half of it's population dead. The Bronies obviously rise out victorious. With most of the anti-bronies dispersed and assimiliated into the Bronies. The Vault have only 1156 residents left out of 2350~2400 original residents. The 1000 Bronies started to rebuild the vault slowly and the Vault had entered it's golden age in about 4-5 years.

In 2177. The Vault doors had automatically opened, with the citizens curiously looked outside. Only to find Ash and bones. They found themselves in the ruins of the City of Lancaster. With the semi-fast growing population of 4,300. The was starting to get crowded. So they have no choice but to tame a part of the city and established a large tribe, called the Canter Tribe. They spent a generation slowly taking over the city. By 2200, they managed to Take over the city, they called it "Canterlot".

In 2203, the City had dealt with a growing population of almost 8,000. To keep it safe, they established a law to have no more than 1-2 children depending on the size of the family.

In 2208, the City was just starting to clean and rebuild the city to almost match before the war. But faced constant invasion by raiders and super mutants.

In 2219, the City finished rebuilding and started to expand out into the wasteland bit by bit, because of the population had reached 8,000.

In 2234, They had a population of 8,200. They also had discovered another Tribe besides theirs. Called the Yorkshire Tribe, based off of King Arthur's and Based off of one of England's families. They established Healthy relations that only lasted for 12 years. As they discovered another tribe in Harrisburg, called the Harry Tribe.

In 2246, The Canter Tribe had discovered that Yorkshire was originally planning to annex the city. And relations soiled quickly.

In 2253, The Canter Tribe had have it's first war with the Yorkshire Tribe. The Yorkshire tribe's new Elder was attempting to take hold of the city. (Ironically, this is like referencing the War of the Roses)

In 2256, The war have ended with the Canter Tribe victorious. They decided to Vassalize the Yorkshire tribe. Meanwhile, they had discovered the Iron Hands Tribe, in the City of Hanover nearby.

In 2258, The Harry Tribe, fearful of the Canters. Had declared a Coalition with neighboring tribes like Iron Hands, The Nerds (City of Reading), Six Chambers Tribe, and the Tribe from Gettysburg against Canter Tribe with a force of 18,000. Also seeking help from the "eager to be independent" Yorkshire Tribe. Fearful of being annhialated, the Canter tribe sought help from the Philly Tribe (The city of Philidelphia itself) had a force of 13,200.

In 2260, the War errupted like a volcano. The Coalition attacked first with 5,000 men. Which was easily defeated by the Force of 8,300 defending Canterlot. Both sides got hit pretty bad. The Coalition lost over 5,000 men while the opposition lost almost 3,200. Eventually the Coalition surrender and was eventually annexed by the Canter Tribe 4 years later. The Canter Tribe was then renamed to "Lancanter" as a horse pun from the pre-war City of Lancaster they were in (now known as Canterlot).

In 2267, the Philly Tribe backstabbed and invaded the Lancanters for not giving them land few years earlier and was defeated by the Lancanter who had a close victory. The Philly Tribe was established as a Tributary state and lost it's recognition with the other tribes soon after.

In 2271, The Lancasters had expanded through State College through Philadelphia. In it's Capital, it had declared that it's population had reached 13,000 residents. While 53,200 in other ex-tribes total. Making the small state having a total population of over 56,000. Around the same year, they had expanded south towards the edge of Baltimore.



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