Democratic Republic of Lavezia
Republiqua di LavezzeaLV
République de la LavésieFR
Repubblica di LavezziaIT
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3 April 1920–Present


"Senatus Populusque Stratera Terrae"
"Anthem of Lavezia"
Location of Lavezia
Capital Casteddu
Languages Lavezzan, French, Italian
Religion Mariavite
Government Unitary Constitutional Presidential Republic
 -  President Franco di Olbea
Legislature Parliament
GDP (PPP) 2016 estimate
 - Total 72 billion
 - Per capita $37,348
HDI (2016 estimate) Increase 0.880
very high
Currency Lavezzan Bonifas (LVB)
Time zone EET (UTC +1)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +34
ISO 3166 code VT
Internet TLD .lv

Lavezia (/WIP/; Lavezzan: /la've:tse.a/), officially the Democratic Republic of Lavezia is a sovereign state in the Mediterranean Sea in Southern Europe, located at the crossroads of main European cultural and trade routes. It is and insular country, as it is situated only on islands and does not border any country by land. It covers ? square kilometers (? sq mi) and has a population of ? million. It is a presidential republic and a member of the United Nations, European Community, and NATO. The capital and largest city is Casteddu.


In 2158, Fillinese tribes came to life in Sardinia-Corsica. The countries lived peacufully until around 2265, when Filinn was power hungry and wanted more land. It attacked Bosnia and Saxonia, Francia, Sicily, Austria, Switzerland, Algeric Empire, and Tunisi. Filinn then went defunct after several wars and Ariesa replaced it. Ariesa and other nations are what is called the "Car Nations" and the time period is called the "Car Era". The Car Nations plan to take over the world in an alliance. The alliance failed, and every country in the alliance except for Ariesa and Noirmoutier were gone. Zephyra was forced under a pact. Ariesa, which is Filinn's sucessor, changed its name to Invidia. Before, Filinn was French-Italian, but over the years it evolved into a Roman country. Invidia's allies are Rome, Savoy, Bavaria, and Noirmoutier. Invidia currently inhabits Corsica and Sardinia, as its roots also have.

Economy and Military

Invidia's economy and military revolves around the sea. Like Rome, its ally, Invidia trades by sea, and has the best navy of the time. (W.I.P)

Peoples and Religion

The Invidians believe in ancient Roman gods and goddesses, but with a twist to it. Invidia's religion is called Invid-Roman religion because they still believe in the ancient roman gods and goddesses, but the main gods aren't Mars, Jupiter, or Bellona. Unlike the Romans, the Invidians don't think about war. The two most important goddesses in Invidian religion are Invidia (Goddess of Balance and Revenge) and Fortuna (Goddess of Fortune and Good Luck), which is ironic, since Invidia and Fortuna hate each other. Invidia believes in making everyone have an equal amount of good and bad luck, while Fortuna wants everyone to have good luck only. (W.I.P)


  • Invidia is originally a pacifist nation and doesn't compete in games like the Olympic Games.
  • The Invidians are planning to build a bridge that goes from Sardinia to Corsica.
  • Invidia's motto is "Senatus Populusque Stratera Terrae" which, in Latin, means "The Senate and People of the Balance Country"
  • (W.I.P)