The Liberation of Ethan is the others hated ArceusFan's annexation of Ethan tries to make Ethan become independent again, because of Ethan's surrender he wants to join the master. If the mappers tries to help Ethan to brome free and nearly as a pacifist the New Peaceful Era will still continue except it isn't a war but the liberation goal will be sneaky.


If ArceusFan caught the person liberating him before his 1000 objects, he may annex or demanding to stop. This happens when annexed, ArceusFan will dominate the wiki claiming 99batran will be feared, if he's freeing Ethan he'll be also be commanding Arceus' Rules.

They also made the council to ban wiki wars to stop the warmongering raging wiki turning the wiki into a game, similar behaviours of EU4, Victoria II, Civilization V, Hearts of Iron III or Total War.

If this continues to rage, the wiki had to be closed forever if more wiki wars had raged around (unless it was banned permanently) then the people can't build a great community.

The liberation can have many people in this to stop the overpower of the Arceus might of the empire, this can be very hard to stop them.

So far, 99batran, DisturbedFan, MrOwnerandPwner, Zukarastarius and HistoryMapper are the only active mappers to liberate Ethan from the ArceusFan's prison of Doom.

However it will be still be approved.

Liberation of Ethan



ArceusFan's Empire


Ethan (annexed)


Ethan (rebels)

The haters who hated the annexation/puppeted of Ethan






The Wiki


Liberators: Freeing Ethan from ArceusFan

ArceusFan: Stopping Ethan's freedom

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