Democracy of Lingostan



Lingostan map.png
Location of Lingostan in Africa
Capital WIP
Largest city WIP
Government Democracy
 - Formation of Lingostan WIP

Lingostan, officially the Democracy of Lingostan is a sovereign independent state in Africa bordered by Algeria and Niger to the north, Libya and Egypt to the north-east, Sudan and South Sudan to the east, the Central African Republic and Cameroon to the south, the Gulf of Guinea to the south-west, the Ivory Coast to the west, and Burkina Faso to the north-west.

With a population of 100,234 people, it is the 183th largest country in the world in terms of population. It is also large in its size.

Its de facto capital is TBA, while the largest city is TBA. Its official languages are TBA and the recognized official languages are TBA.

Lingostan has not announced what alliances it is apart of, but some speculate Lingostan to be apart of the African Union, since it has territories in Africa.