Linguavision Song Contest IX
May 2017
"Aspire, Attempt, Achieve"
Linguavision Song Contest IX Logo by Mazovian
LSC IX Monteregis
Confirming date April 29th, 2017
Voting starting date May 6th, 2017
Voting ending date May 26th, 2017
Results date May 27th, 2017
Venue Montreal, Monteregis
Director KommunistKoala AP
Executive supervisor(s) Arkmarken, Mazovian, Scones
Host broadcaster MCBC MonteregisFlag
Opening act Yolanda Be Cool & DCup - "From Me To You"
Interval act Fréro Delavega - "Ton Visage"/"Mon Petit Pays"
Number of entries TBA
Voting system Each participant awards 1-8, 10, 12 points to their 10 favourite songs.
Winning song EXO - LIGHTSABER Katkaris Alternate Flag by Mazovian
Linguavision Song Contest
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The Linguavision Song Contest IX was the ninth monthly edition of the Linguavision Song Contest. It is based on Eurovision but with alternate countries (nations) in Mapperdonia all singing in different languages.

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Katkaris Alternate Flag by Mazovian Katkaris is the winner of the Linguavision Song Contest IX. See you in Katakar!



  • You have time to vote! (Important, you need to vote!) (You must mention your nation while voting)
  • You CAN'T change your votes after you vote.
  • Your own nation
  • Flag to your nation
  • Song that you want to use in the competition (Song name and Artist)
  • You can't use a song that has been used in a previous editions (Here's a list of used songs)
  • Also, you can't leave from the contest when the voting starts. The participant must send these in the confirming comment:
  • Name of the nation (real nations and FuNations are not allowed)
  • Flag of the nation (It needs to be in the comment, otherwise your application is not in)
  • Song and artist of your song (The same artist shouldn't be used more than once in the same edition)
  • Slogan you would like to use if your nation wins
  • Slogan can't be rude neither offending to anyone
  • Which city would host Linguavision Song Contest if your nation wins
  • Language of song
  • Be nice for others. If rude situations will repeat you might be disqualified!
  • Only Scones, Mazovian and Arkmarken can edit this page as they're admins of the LSC.
  • Placeholding is not allowed and has no effect on confirming


Three venues applied to host the contest: Centre Bell, TD Garden and The Oncenter Convention Center. The Centre Bell in Montreal, with a venue of 15,000, was chosen to host LSC IX, after the TD Garden had to withdraw from the bid as the dates for the event coincided with the North American Athletic Tournament. The Centre Bell was then chosen over the Oncenter Convention Centre, due to its capacity not being as large, and the additional costs of having to add 2,000 extra seating places for the audience.

Venue of LSC IX in Montreal

Key   dagger   Host venue

City Venue Capacity
Montreal Centre Bell dagger 15,000
Boston TD Garden 17,565
Radisson The Oncenter Convention Center 9,000

Participants (29)

Nation Artist Song Language
MonteregisFlag Monteregis (Host) Kasia Moś Pryzmat Polish
Flag of Nortminhia Nortminhia Shakira Me Enamoré Spanish
Bc Biscasia Marco Mengoni Guerriero Italian
Flag of Galturial Galturial D.A.M.A Era Eu Portuguese
PustoynaFlag Pustoyna Demy Όσο Ζω (This Is Love - Greek Version) Greek
Adsız3 Franglettere Cem Karaca ft. Selda Bağcan Hudey Hudey Turkish
Savonia Savonia Iva Ćurić Ne možeš Croatian
Kareyanka Krallığı Karianka BTS FIRE Korean
Gfdd Romanian Empire Delia Da, mamă Romanian
RioGrandeFlag.svg Rio Grande Mecano Hijo de la Luna Spanish
Malorian Kingdom flag Maloria Kendji Girac Color Gitano French & Spanish
Ijanusky-0 Ijanusky Knez Adio Montenegrin
Oreclnia Flag Orecolnia Captain Panez, Kammena Hartakia Το τραγούδι του miner (Miner's song) Greek
Comania flag Comania Nocturne Secret Garden Norwegian
Flag of Sami Republic Samiria Jon Henrik Fjällgren ft. Aninia En värld full av strider Sami & Swedish
New Flag of Novvasrbija Novasrbija Mozart Requiem Latin
Scotland-Ireland Flag-0 Scotland-Ireland Friorik Dór Dönsum Icelandic
Trt Ukane Alexander Rybak Ты Достала меня Russian
Baltorus Flag Baltorus Christopher Tin Baba Yetu Swahili
MiniVisia Flag MiniVisia Polina Gagarina Миллион Голосов Russian
Katkaris Alternate Flag by Mazovian Katkaris EXO LIGHTSABER Korean
Sweden-finland flag Sweden-Finland De Vet Du Road Trip Swedish
Scandinavian commonwealth flag by rarayn-d421y3c Scandinavia XS Project Bochka, Bass, Kolbaser Russian
750px-Flag of the Canary Islands.svg Canary Islands Pablo Alborán Por Fin Spanish
Kikin Kikin Hachi ft. Hatsune Miku & GUMI Matryoshka Japanese
Тристарния Thristarnia Stromae Carmen French
Flag of Smernica 2016 Smernica Nikos Vertis Konta Sou Greek
Saraim Saraim Amir Il est temps qu'on m'aime French
Albadonia Albadonia Kuchizuke Diamond Weaver Japanese


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01. Katkaris 89
02. Karianka 79
03. Samira 77
Thristarnia 77
05. Monteregis 74
06. Maloria 68
07. Biscasia 65
08. Romanian Empire 62
09. Albadonia 60
10. Nortminhia 59
11. Sariam 58
12. Scotland-Ireland 57
Ukane 57
Baltorus 57
15. Pustoyna 55
16. Galturial 49
17. Savonia 46
18. Ijanusky 44
Comania 44
20. Sweden-Finland 37
21. Scandinavia 36
22. MiniVisia 34
23. Rio Grande 30
24. Orecolnia 26
25. Franglettere 25
26. Novasrbija 24
27. Smernica 23
28. Kikin 21
29. Canary Islands 17


Debuting (9)

Returning (4)

Withdrawing (11)

Disqualified (3)

  • Polezia Polezia (Reason: Not voting in previous edition)
  • Flag of Vandaysia Vandaysia (Reason: Not voting in previous edition)
  • Mirantonia Mirantonia (Reason: Breaks one of the LSC rules)